Busy Day Today

I made another trip to the old house today and grabbed most of my power tools. shop vac, a small table and some other odds and ends. I was of the mind to consider getting a router for router table, so that may happen down the line. There was a table down in the basement that needed some attention, I cleaned it up and tightened the legs, now it is in the living room with a small bankers lamp and a backgammon set on it. The cats like it because now they can stare at the bird feeders and the apple trees. The two cats from the other house made it up yesterday, they seem to like the place so far. So now the total is 3 barn cats, 2 inside/outside cats, 2 horses, and one dog soon to be 2 dogs.

I ran through the electrical panels and verified the labeling was correct. Found one live wire buried in the wall, fixed an outlet in the front hall that was never properly installed. Installed a new phone as the one I had was old and kept breaking up. The new one seems fine. There is a small leak in the shower unit but I have the tools to fix that tomorrow, though I may also consider changing more in the shower. Maybe I could add some custom Shower Wall Panels? Anyway, I also started laying out ideas for vegetable garden locations, perennial beds, natural wetland areas etc. There is a spot on the South side of the property that is perfect for the first garden area, I’ll just need to create a gate in the fence to access it and add a small composting area.

The horses were very active in the warm weather today, Rio seems to be the more inquisitive of the two. They got a good brush down yesterday and are starting to respond to my voice. They got fresh bedding today and rolled around in it right away.

The most immediate neighbor stopped by last night, she filled me in on other artists living in the neighborhood. She’s a professional writer and built her own active solar home for $75,000 about 5 years ago, she’s still working on the final touches. She is very active politically and is trying to get some things done regarding pesticides and toxic wastes. She has great energy and it is nice to know a like-mind is nearby.


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  1. why no other computers will access the wireless network…fun.

  2. is warm enough to sow peas and spinach?  Here, probably 3 months away from that.  All I can do is read seed catalogs and wait.  I think you’re lucky and way ahead of us.

    • Alma on February 5, 2008 at 05:43

    You’re on a roll.  🙂

    • KrisC on February 5, 2008 at 05:43

    Happy house warming….here’s a plant for the new place!


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