Pictures Pictures Pictures!

I apologize for the delay in uploading pics.  I’m not used to the laptop yet and had to install some software to get it to work.  So without further ado:

Meet Rio!

And Laser!

He was being a little camera shy this morning.

Then There’s Jasper!

Kossaks helped me name him.

The House!

The Barn!

More pics of the land to come later in the week.

Be good and do it yourself!


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  1. will become the art studio and a solar home will go up ASAP further back on the property.

    • pfiore8 on January 27, 2008 at 20:10

    good luck. much warmth and good life there.

    your animals are great! hey, maybe you could just change Rio to Ria (okay, just kidding)

  2. Thanks for the pictures.

    Rio is a beaut!   Jasper is so cute!

    I’m looking forward to more scenes of your place.  

  3. Love the pics…. is that dog some kind of husky/shepherd mix?

  4. and put fresh bedding down for the horses, bbl.

  5. I have to get a wireless modem and found some decent prices, but wasn’t sure what the best model was so I went to and read through the reviews. I found one that will meet my needs for about 75 bucks.  I thought I’d have to spend 40 bucks more for the newer model but like most internet related things there are issues with the newer models and aren’t supported yet by other manufacturers.


  6. And it came with horses?? That’s better than furniture. Have fun! We can all live vicariously through your pictures for the time being.  

    • Nordic on January 28, 2008 at 22:22

    It’s my dream to be able to live in such a place soon.

  7. so cool.

    When are you having us over?

  8. photo? just what we called a “crazy eye” at the race track? We had one thouroughbred that was blind in his left eye and we were still able to race him, eye on the rail side.  

  9. the race track were not as prominent, just some white all around the edge of the eyes. maybe coincidence but every one I groomed that had that was a little crazy and I had about six in the six years (4yrs p/t, 2 yrs f/t) I did it. It may only be the high strung, pumped up thoughbreds though. Did you get my email?

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