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Letter to Australia’s PM

I read this Raw Story comment early this AM and I couldn’t pass up the chance.

The Australian government is getting a LOT of pressure to support Assange and deny anything the US asks for. If you support Assange, send a message to Australia’s PM asking her to make sure he is not extradited to the US.

The pressure on the Australian government is working. After the open letter to Aussie PM Julia Gillard was published online last week, by 200 famous Aussies, and thousands of support comments were left on it by other people, only then did the Aussie Foreign Minister come out in support of Assange. The pressure needs to stay on them, so PLEASE spend a minute and send Julia Gillard a polite message.

It’s Time— Part Two. (A Docudharma Exclusive)

Let me state up front that in writing this, I could have speculated all day and drawn many inferences. But instead, I have chosen to stick to the basic facts and I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. For the record, I have injected my opinion once and I state that it is my opinion. And even though I have told this information to at least 500 people in person, one of whom was from Homeland Security and two others who worked for the IRS, I am still leary of posting this information for fear of reprisal. I have made a few attempts to contact the media, but there seems to be little interest from any media outlet. What is this information you ask? The information is that the IRS does not shred any of it’s print runs. They send ALL excess printed material intact to Great Lakes Recycling. To be fair, they might shred it now, but I have reason to suspect that it is still unshredded.

It’s Time— Part Two. (A Docudharma Exclusive)

You will not find this information anywhere else. However, I have told this information to at least 500 people in person. One person was from Homeland Security and two others worked for the IRS and despite my attempts to contact the media, there is nary a word on any media outlet. What is this information? The IRS does not shred any of it’s print runs. They send ALL excess printed material intact to Great Lakes Recycling.

Oil slick moves into Carribean Sea

The story the US government and BP are not telling. Oil slick hits Cuba, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

Satellite Image

Open Forum

I ran across this: Obameter


Are these claims true or false?


Leaked video published on the Internet by wikileaks

Apache gunship crew fires upon a group with an Iraqi reporter

A secret video showing US air crew falsely claiming to have encountered a firefight in Baghdad and then laughing at the dead after launching an air strike that killed a dozen people, including two Iraqis working for Reuters news agency, was revealed by Wikileaks today.

The footage of the July 2007 attack was made public in a move that will further anger the Pentagon, which has drawn up a report identifying the whistleblower website as a threat to national security. The US defence department was embarrassed when that confidential report appeared on the Wikileaks site last month alongside a slew of military documents.

Why did Kucinich Cave? The answer really doesn’t matter.

FreeSociety has posed the question, Why Did Kucinich Cave In To Obama? Which is fine if you are reporting that Kucinich has capitulated to the Obama administration. But I think it’s more important that we should consider, “What does this mean and how should we go forward from here?”

I refuse to believe Dennis is a turncoat or an evil liar. Instead, what this news means to me is that they finally got to him. To me Dennis Kucinich symbolizes the last bastion of integrity left in congress.  The one stalwart figure who had balls to bring an impeachment resolution to congress and read the resolution into the record. And what was the response like? There was a resounding echo of crickets from the news media and from most of the members of the House. Kucinich is just and good man. You can bet that whatever “deal” Obama offered him, he chose “the lesser of two evils”. The problem he faces is that of a crushing and corrupted system.

We will probably never know the full details of this shit sandwich. However, I do think is important that we recognize what this means: Dennis Kucinich, our firewall, our levy, our one true remaining voice in the House of Representatives, has been compromised.

Death of a Blog

It originally started out as a blog that did not allow for comments.

It then morphed into a blog that allowed for reader input: Welcome to the New ConyersBlog (March 17, 2005), which quickly became a hotbed for the politically frustrated.

Then after two and a half months, it exploded on the scene with the DSM petition (June 3, 2005), which culminated in the now infamous “basement hearings” (June 16, 2005). But in a world full of change (don’t make me laugh), what does that blog look like today?

Let’s go have a look shall we.

Unmasking the MSM: Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet the NSA

Update: Since the two main links I refer to in this essay are dead, I thought I might just give the folks at the NSA a small task to remove these two links from the Wayback Machine. Good luck! There are lots and lots of pages out there.  (:^D)

Two updated links:

1. Pierceland Herald

2. Leading The Charge (click on a local story to see locality: Sapphire Coast)


A while back, Buhdy wrote, Media War: The Power Of The Press…is Profit!. However, upon further analysis, I tend towards disagreement. Although profit could be seen as the major driving factor in what we read see and hear in the MSM, profit is not the real agenda for the press. Profit is only an additional side benefit. The real power of the press is a Pravda style mind control. One that creates and shapes “realities” in order for the usurpers to continue with their agenda.

This will be the last time I will write about this particular subject. My reasoning is thus: every time I write about the MSM, the implicating evidence is quickly scrubbed from the Internet. As you will see, most of the evidence has already been scrubbed . But their work is not as thorough and complete as they think it is. And I am not as dumb as I sometimes sound.

I still have one ace up my sleeve and I am about to play it. You can be sure that once I play this ace, the Google cached link and the corresponding implicating Internet page will soon be removed. Purposely, I never mentioned this mirror site and they forgot about it.

But soon the Republican lurkers will discover what I wrote and have these last two pages removed. Once these pages are removed, any linkable evidence– that I am aware of– (except my documented rantings filled with dead links) to the machinations of how our media truly operates, will disappear too.

Did you click on the two links above? If you answered no, then stop and do so now. This is the last chance you will get to see it for yourself. I ask, “How can a local online newspaper in Canada and a local newspaper in Australia have the exact same local businesses with the same exact same local addresses and more importantly what does this really mean?”  

Laying the groundwork: Part II

This is the second installment in the series. In my first installment, I established that in order to grok the future, it is necessary to understand the present and remember the past and that in order to influence the future, strategies must be emplaced. In this installment, I will attempt to show Docudharma nation that there are proven methods, techniques and tools available that can be used to develop strategies. These are proactive methods and can be used to focus our resources towards achieving our ultimate goals; whatever those may be.

Laying the groundwork

In order to grok the future, it is necessary to understand the present and remember the past.  In order to influence the future, strategies must be emplaced. This is my attempt to bring the docudharma nation to concensus of understanding.

feline wrote

Apparently, something is more important to members of Congress

Submitted by feline on July 17, 2008 – 9:57am.

than public opinion; more important than the U.S. Constitution, the treaties of the Geneva Conventions, and the Principles of the Nuremberg Tribunal; more important than truth, justice, accountability, restoration of the rule of law. It’s something so terribly important that the opinions of the United Nations, the International Red Cross, retired generals, veterans and enlisted military personnel, the intelligence community, imbedded journalists, victims’ families, judges, constitutional and international legal scholars, psychiatrists, etc. are basically obsolete. Something is more important than our civil liberties, real national security, a stable domestic infrastructure, and diplomatic foreign policy.

Providing immunity to violators of the law and perpetrators of obstruction is more important than any of our opinions.

Deja Vu Edition: The Coming Chaos

The Democrats are either very naive and  nearsighted or they are willing participants in their own party’s destruction. Perhaps they are a mixture of both. If the Democrats win the election this fall, (personally I think Obama is the odds on favorite), then they are going to be saddled with a plethora of problems. As we reach the breaking point for serious global issues. By not fixing accountability for these long ignored problems on this runaway neocon fascist train, the fallout for ignoring those problems will fall squarely on the leader in charge. You would think that the Democrats would understand this: by not pursuing impeachment and fixing accountability where it belongs, the media will vilify and blame them for all the problems that they will be handed.  

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