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Tell me how you really feel.

“I’m getting tired of saving Obama’s can in the White House,” said Conyers.


Asked if the president had shown enough leadership in the health care debate, Conyers facetiously wondered why Press would ask the question.

“Of course not, of course not,” he said. “You know, holding hands out and beer on Friday nights in the White House and bowing down to every nutty right-wing proposal about health care, and saying on occasion that public options aren’t all that important is doing a disservice to the Barack Obama that I first met who was an ardent single-payer enthusiast himself.”

He led off the interview by declaring that he was tied of “trying to stop the war in Afghanistan from surging.” He also took several swipes at Emanuel, whom he called, with a slightly derogatory tone, his “buddy.”

“That is essentially what Rahm Emanuel has said: Just give us anything and we will declare victory,” said Conyers. “Not only is it not a victory, but when it doesn’t work, guess who will come at him: the same guys that were saying let’s go along with anything… This is all my buddy Rahm Emanuel trying to get anything. But look the bill doesn’t go into effect for three years. Many of the people that we are trying to help will be dead by then.”   link

What else is there to say?  Conyers will certainly get no argument from me, and I enjoyed hearing it immensely.    It’s too bad that Conyer’s didn’t say it before and vote no with Kucinich and Massa.  The reason Progressives have no power is because they have no balls.  They even run away from the word “liberal”.

I heard on Thom Hartmann’s radio show that CSPAN covered Geithner today vigorously attacking Friedmanomics big time.    Maybe we need Rahm dumped instead of Geithner.  Or, maybe we need them both dumped.  As bad as the Democrats are, the problem is that the Republicans are even worse.  A look at the headline stories on the political page of the Huffington Post makes me wonder whether to laugh or cry.  If this is the best and brightest this country has got, no wonder we’re dying.  

Death of a Blog

It originally started out as a blog that did not allow for comments.

It then morphed into a blog that allowed for reader input: Welcome to the New ConyersBlog (March 17, 2005), which quickly became a hotbed for the politically frustrated.

Then after two and a half months, it exploded on the scene with the DSM petition (June 3, 2005), which culminated in the now infamous “basement hearings” (June 16, 2005). But in a world full of change (don’t make me laugh), what does that blog look like today?

Let’s go have a look shall we.