Oil slick moves into Carribean Sea

The story the US government and BP are not telling. Oil slick hits Cuba, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

Satellite Image

I went to where I expected to see the oil….and it was gone!  I thought WTF! Then I started to look around and I found it…    MUCH further south.  

Also, there does not appear to be any more oil surfacing above where the leak is still gushing.



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  2. I think some of what I am seeing is sunlight reflecting off the surface of the water, but on the north coast of Honduras, there is a black slick surrounded by colored defraction.  Additionally, there are no cumulus clouds casting shadows like in other parts.

  3. Honduras and Nicaragua–don’t think so. Here’s the currents from there:

    Between Miami/The Keys/Dry Tortugas and Cuba, the loop current joins and forms the Gulf stream–then very fast up the FL east Coast and across the shallow Bahamas banks, then offshore a bit to Cape Hatteras, then offshore again towards the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, thence towards northern europe.  

  4. i looked at the 250m Image on the Northern Honduran coast.

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