Leaked video published on the Internet by wikileaks

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Apache gunship crew fires upon a group with an Iraqi reporter

A secret video showing US air crew falsely claiming to have encountered a firefight in Baghdad and then laughing at the dead after launching an air strike that killed a dozen people, including two Iraqis working for Reuters news agency, was revealed by Wikileaks today.

The footage of the July 2007 attack was made public in a move that will further anger the Pentagon, which has drawn up a report identifying the whistleblower website as a threat to national security. The US defence department was embarrassed when that confidential report appeared on the Wikileaks site last month alongside a slew of military documents.

The guy in the beginning of the video that was supposedly carrying an RPG, was not carrying an RPG, that was the photographer from Reuters.  The gunner in the video is trigger happy and misrepresenting the facts on the ground.

Warning: Graphic Content

This video contains images of people being shot and killed.


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  1. “on steroids” and in denial.

    • TMC on April 6, 2010 at 01:18

    into battle” is heard on the tape after the 15:30 point.

    The Reuters photographer was killed and two children from the family that tries to rescue him were seriously wounded. The crew circled around after they had wounded the photographer looking to re-engage and can be heard discussing the fact they knew he was unarmed.  

  2. …. because it is going to set some people off.

  3. Just today, I read about a young girl in Massachusetts, 16, as I recalled, whose family had settled in this particular city, where the Irish seemed prevalent.  Nonetheless, the young girl was persecuted by her peers unmercifully, because of being an immigrant — she hung herself a couple of months ago and was found by a younger sister Phoebe Prince.  Even after her death, the torment continued, as some of the youth had established a memorial on her behalf on the Internet, and still she was being attacked for her ethnicity. Another such incident had taken place in the same school that she was at sometime previously Teens charged.

    Why do I make mention of this?  To me, it’s indicative of where we are and what we have become.  Bush=bullyism!  And from the top on down to the police, prison guards, sheriffs, and now, even in our schools, there is a sense of enablement — I kinda’ think of it as “trickle-down bullyism.”  

    The problem is growing amongst our young people and teen suicides have been increasing, as the various communities and schools grapple to address the problem and arrest the situation.  But, as in the lawlessness of our government, en largesse, there are way too many that look the other way, pretending that a “serious” underlying problem does not exist and, thus, refusing to look it squarely in the face and deal with it.  

    Thanks, “Reedy” — think about you, hoping you guys are O.K.

  4. Good to see there is still capacity for outrage that is not just directed at Beck or Palin or Hamsher.

  5. is just as much of a psycho. Shoot seems to be all he can say go ahead shoot. The worst is them laughing at the bodies and the Bradly’s inablity to not run over them. These are cowardly psycho terrorists, not troops who should be supported or patriots who defend us. Bush masters ar Obama masters I don’t support them.  

  6. Bushmaster element, one-eight-seven in the area could cause International incident, be advised.

  7. I have nothing to say.  

  8. early on with respect to Iraq — “take the gloves off,” and that has been the policy ever since  — we have/are committing “genocide” against the Iraqis (they even filed a suit on such a basis.)

    Here the is the brother of the slain journalist, speaking out of behalf of his brother and brethren:

    and this, in respect to the wounds of the children:

    The last video may, perhaps, be quibbled with, but Iraqis have a case to prove in order to remove doubt — thus, I suspect this is why they have allowed the photograph of their children.  But, no matter and suffice it, that the Iraqi suffering and death has never ceased since we went there (and they had long suffered death from our sanctions).  Cancer and deformities in births of Iraqis is non-stop, as a result of our use of deleted uranium (the dust of which stays in the air ad infinitum and white phosphorus.  I don’t know how it can or could be construed that we had any other intent other than to destroy this country and its people!  

    Many a time I’ve listed the statistics for the Iraqis, the dead, the displaced, internally and externally, the maimed and ill from cancer, etc.  It is endless and still continues. Yes, to me, it is genocide and has been from the beginning.  I guess that’s why we built the world’s largest U.S. Embassy, in Iraq. A lost country and a lost people.  

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