Unmasking the MSM: Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet the NSA

Update: Since the two main links I refer to in this essay are dead, I thought I might just give the folks at the NSA a small task to remove these two links from the Wayback Machine. Good luck! There are lots and lots of pages out there.  (:^D)

Two updated links:

1. Pierceland Herald

2. Leading The Charge (click on a local story to see locality: Sapphire Coast)


A while back, Buhdy wrote, Media War: The Power Of The Press…is Profit!. However, upon further analysis, I tend towards disagreement. Although profit could be seen as the major driving factor in what we read see and hear in the MSM, profit is not the real agenda for the press. Profit is only an additional side benefit. The real power of the press is a Pravda style mind control. One that creates and shapes “realities” in order for the usurpers to continue with their agenda.

This will be the last time I will write about this particular subject. My reasoning is thus: every time I write about the MSM, the implicating evidence is quickly scrubbed from the Internet. As you will see, most of the evidence has already been scrubbed . But their work is not as thorough and complete as they think it is. And I am not as dumb as I sometimes sound.

I still have one ace up my sleeve and I am about to play it. You can be sure that once I play this ace, the Google cached link and the corresponding implicating Internet page will soon be removed. Purposely, I never mentioned this mirror site and they forgot about it.

But soon the Republican lurkers will discover what I wrote and have these last two pages removed. Once these pages are removed, any linkable evidence– that I am aware of– (except my documented rantings filled with dead links) to the machinations of how our media truly operates, will disappear too.

Did you click on the two links above? If you answered no, then stop and do so now. This is the last chance you will get to see it for yourself. I ask, “How can a local online newspaper in Canada and a local newspaper in Australia have the exact same local businesses with the same exact same local addresses and more importantly what does this really mean?”  

Gabriel D wrote,

Like we say in our mission statement, which you can read in the quote box at the top of this diary, we recognize that the internet has become one of the major, if not primary, methods of communication.  Blogs are perhaps the most popular format.  Despite this, the traditional media outlets have managed to maintain a stranglehold on information distribution.  We could talk about how they have accomplished this, but that is not the issue we’re addressing here.  The fact is, most people still receive the vast majority of their information through the traditional media.  All you have to do is compare the daily viewership/readership numbers for the major news networks and newspapers and compare them to the daily readership of the largest blogs.  I rest my case.  This gives the media an inordinate amount of control over the conversation people are having.  Unless you have the resources to gain media access, you don’t have any influence over that conversation.

So if you ever wondered why people seem to act irrationally, this is it.  Because the media has made the conversation irrational to begin with.  When the nuts are shouting through the PA system, it’s hard for the sane to get a word in edge-wise.

Here’s whats really going on. What they are doing is creating mirrors for the google bots to crawl on. This gives certain “related stories” many many hits, pushing them into the “top stories of the day”. If a story needed some spin, it would get edited out and or replaced with different wording then “republished”.

This is where it all began:

Wayne made a comment on Conyersblog (comment #48). Meanwhile, I was ranting about the stupidity of the corporate energy fascists (comment #62). Then Wayne grabbed my attention with a second post (comment #77).


I then latched on and dug a little deeper and on the next thread (comment #3), had some of my own information to add.


It now becomes clear to me, but it was very difficult to describe the dynamics (comment #’s 9, 10, 16, and 27).


Getting better at describing the dynamic process (comment #’s 6 and 26)….


I noted a weakness in the system. The Charlie Sheen smear was an to obvious and blatant attempt by FOX NEWS that did not pass the stink test for most folks, so they killed the spin and had to let the damage become lost over time (comment#24).


I start to note some predictability (comment #’s 8, 22, & 24)


Results of the censure and impeachment spin (comment #2, part 2)


Where we are today:

Finally, they have now hidden the newswire index (scroll to the bottom of the page), enlarged the program, and integrated it into “real” newspapers. I believe it has now morphed into this:


Now with the weight of hundreds of local aussie papers being picked up by the google bots, it makes tracing it much more difficult. It is my guess the MSM, just like the wiretap and email data mining programs, is probably now data mined with the Narus 6400 STA (Semantic Traffic Analyzer).  So newsfeeds at the AP, UPI, etc would get filtered by the NSA through an agency like DoD CIFA. The Semantic Traffic Analyzer can discern differences in phrases of speech. So a writer submitting a story would have that story edited (censured) to put the RIGHT (wing) light on the story.


    • Alma on August 10, 2008 at 02:12

    Those links sure were a blast to the past, and what a blast and past it was.  Good memories from when we thought JC was on our side, and we were making progress.

  1. I write this essay telling people WHY the media is the way it is and everyone yawns, but clammyc writes this essay just bitching about the problems with the MSM and he gets a recommended diary.

    Fuck them.

    My bet is that Edwards was Obama’s VP choice and these pics are meant to destroy his chances on that nomination.

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