Letter to Australia’s PM

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I read this Raw Story comment early this AM and I couldn’t pass up the chance.

The Australian government is getting a LOT of pressure to support Assange and deny anything the US asks for. If you support Assange, send a message to Australia’s PM asking her to make sure he is not extradited to the US.

The pressure on the Australian government is working. After the open letter to Aussie PM Julia Gillard was published online last week, by 200 famous Aussies, and thousands of support comments were left on it by other people, only then did the Aussie Foreign Minister come out in support of Assange. The pressure needs to stay on them, so PLEASE spend a minute and send Julia Gillard a polite message.

So I sent this letter to the Australian PM.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Hon Julia Gillard MP

Prime Minister

Parliament House


Honarable Gillard,

First, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for providing this forum, and even though I am not Australian, I felt it was imperative that to address you in a matter that concerns us all.

At this time, my country, the United States, is putting pressure upon other states and organizations in order to shut down Wiki-leaks and extradite Mr. Assange to the US. I am against this action as I feel that Mr. Assange is very brave and doing the world a great service by exposing for all the world to see, just how corrupt the US has become since the “coup d’tat” in 2000.

Additionally, by extraditing and prosecuting one of your citizens under US law, the US is in effect saying that Australia is nothing more than a US territory. For this reason, I believe you must make a stand for Mr. Assange and Australia’s sovereignty.

Thank you for your time.


Mr. wolverine06

Here is the link: http://www.pm.gov.au/PM_Connec…

A little clumsy, but what the heck. I think the point is clear.


  1. are ignored here, so I decided to try something different.

  2. It’s simple and straight to the point!

    Good on ya’ — I’ll do something a little later.

    It only seems proper that jurisdiction over Assange should be that of Australia and on one else!!!!!!

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