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My ’08 Prediction – Based Upon Observation

Now, I may be one of the few people who doesn’t have a whole degree of confidence in the ’08 Election in the United States.  I mean, just look at the Republican candidates- in what other Western nation but America could these yahoos even run for dog-catcher, let alone the highest office in the land, with access to the nuclear button?  The mind boggles.

Then, I look at the Democratic Candidates, and it is even more depressing…because there’s no way in hell I see the two current front-runners beating whatever sad-sack Republican they manage to prop up long enough for the ballots to be counted.

Follow me over the flip and I’ll tell you why, in startlingly short time.

I’ve Made Friends With an American

The best-laid plans, blah blah blah and all that rot.

You see, my problem is that I can’t put my brain to sleep simply because doing so would make my life easier.

It would be much easier for me to write off everything American, including all of its products, television shows, travel destinations, and of course the American people themselves.

But it’s just not that simple to do, unless one wishes to become like the ones one loathes…you know…the ones who see everything in term of absolutes, and who can simply disregard the invonvenient truth when it threatens expose a flaw in their reasoning.

I can’t do that…I’ve never been able to do that.  I’m mentally ill.  I see things as they are, not as how I wish they were.

And I’ve recently become friends with an American.

America’s Real Religion

No, it’s not Protestantism or Baptis(m?)…

It doesn’t have anything to do with God, you see.

America’s real religion is Violence, with a capital “V.”

America was born out of violence, the massacre of the aboriginal North Americans, the war upon Britain for Independence, and the Civil War that solved the final question of the enslaving of other human beings.

America still worships violence, as can be seen on any television station (even religous programming talks of “War against Islam” and “Soldiers of Christ” and “Crusade…”)

And the 2nd Amendment, in my view, is what has so polluted and corroded the social fabric of American culture.

Daily Kos and Democrats

Well, it looks like I left Daily Kos just in time.

What a mess, and what a disgrace the Democratic Party is.

They’re no better than the Repbublicans, and I’ll tell you why:

If you support illegal actions, you are equally culpable for the breaking of those laws.

Democrats approved an Attorney General who wouldn’t call torture torture, even after the disgusting outrage that was the Maher Arar case.

Democrats are now known to have known about ongoing torture and the video recordings of such torture, for years before their existence and destruction came to public light.

Democrats, now in control of the Legislative branch of American government, continue to wink and look the other way as the Republican President of the United States continues to shred the nation’s Constitution.

The Teddy Bear Army of Muslims

So, last night, I’m settling down for a quiet and very enjoyable evening of National Geographic’s “Interpol Investigates,” I scroll down the channels (sometimes I get really lazy and just punch up or down buttons instead of entering the desired ones…kind of feels like the old days and running through the dial, remember that?  Sometimes, something really cool catches your eye that you would never had given the 2 seconds that hook you), and I see Bill O’Reilly (hey, old chum, you still on the air?) going into hysterics over the Teddy-Bear Jihad in Sudan

I’ll Give You Racism

It’s not my habit to cry about life experience, so I don’t…but let me give you a small taste of what racism is like to experience, from the mixed-race angle.

You see, mixed-race is not good, when it comes to racism.  You have no safe harbour.  No one accepts you.

So, if your mother is white, as mine is, you’re not really black.  I’ve had more black people call me “white boy” than white people call me “nigger,” to be frank…and when I say I don’t consider myself black (uh, have you met my Mom?), the same people call me uppity or say I’m putting on airs of being white…

The American Media As Comedy

You know, folks, there comes a time, as has occurred with yours truly, when you have to take a good friend aside and tell him, “You know, Joe, you’re so screwed up, I know we’ve been friends for years…but dude, I can’t be your buddy anymore…”

That happened for me with the United States of America, as you all know, when the Democratic Quisling Party, elected to stop the Madness of King George, simply threw in with him rather than do their jobs like, I don’t know, restore the Constitution, and some form of sanity, to American government.

And you guys woudn’t believe how incredibly (and tragically) comedic I am finding the American MSM right now…

I mean, if I didn’t know I was watching Cable “News” stations, I’d swear a comedic genius had dressed up the stage of Saturday Night Live and co-opted John Stewart’s and Stephen Colbert’s writers as the Comedy Team From Hell…

I mean…are you guys kiddin’ me?

Here Too?

You know what, I left Dkos because of a principle.  I couldn’t support the Dems and their torturing AG appointment.


I didn’t leave because Markos is the devil incarnate, and I left MyLeftWing when it turned into a “Markos is Evil” site.

Now, it seems the same lunatics are here.

I’m taking a break for awhile.  I really hope budhy is able to straighten things out here, I love docudharma, but I don’t have the mental energy to wade through anti-Markos screeds whenever I even mention Dkos in passing.

I Just Don’t Care Anymore

I just don’t.

I don’t know when I woke up and realized that, but I’m watching CNBC right now with spittle-flecked Chris Matthews doing his schtick, and while I work, I’m browsing through the latest blogs, both progressive and wingnut…and all I can utter is…


I just don’t care…couldn’t give a damn what’s going on in America right now…for the first time in my life.

I don’t know if I ever will again, to be honest…once you fall out of love, or even sibling affection (I always regarded America as the shinier, jazzier big brother to Canada), it’s hard to get that lovin’ feeling back, isn’t it?

Tell you how bad it is…I have a business opportunity that I could take RIGHT NOW by moving to the States immediately…and I’m passing…no fucking way…

I could give this same business opportunity a good go in Europe…and that’s what I’m planning…

Pat Buchanan Is An Effing Moron

I can say nothing else about the man.  He’s deficient in every mental faculty save the ability to write apparently “dog-whistle” columns celebrating the “good old days” when people were “free” to hang blacks from trees, beat gays to death and ensconce themselves in “Whites Only” clubs…


Read some of his latest lunatic ramblings decrying the protection of gay’s jobs and employment;

I Was Murdered Today

Just as surely as Robert Dziekanski was, I was murdered today.

Public reaction to what some commentators have compared with the videotaped Rodney King beating in Los Angeles has been strong and varied.

“I was truly shocked and saddened by this terrible incident at the airport,” a reader wrote to The Canadian Press.

“Why was the Taser used at all?”

Wrote an Alberta man referring to the RCMP: “Mr. Dziekanski was posing no threat to these Rambo wannabes.

Short Story – Footprints In the Snow

I got up one night in college and went to the computer, and wrote this short story in one go, for my creative writing course assignment.  I wasn’t as long, then, I’ve since edited and added to it, but it is essentially the same story I wrote nearly nine years ago in my second of three unsucessful attempts to gain a post-secondary education.

I’m 0 for 3, but maybe I’ll try again one day…all three attempts were made before I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, so perhaps knowing this, I could give it another go.

I’m mentally drained and not in the mood to blog at all, don’t know how long it’ll last.  I’m currently working on another project which has my entire focus, but I wanted to share this story with you all…I posted it last year on MyLeftWing, but I took it down after a couple of days…perhaps not ready to share it with the world.

Most of it is true, pulled from my childhood, some of it isn’t…what is and what isn’t, is mine to know…

Here it is now…see you all when I feel better.


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