I Just Don’t Care Anymore

I just don’t.

I don’t know when I woke up and realized that, but I’m watching CNBC right now with spittle-flecked Chris Matthews doing his schtick, and while I work, I’m browsing through the latest blogs, both progressive and wingnut…and all I can utter is…


I just don’t care…couldn’t give a damn what’s going on in America right now…for the first time in my life.

I don’t know if I ever will again, to be honest…once you fall out of love, or even sibling affection (I always regarded America as the shinier, jazzier big brother to Canada), it’s hard to get that lovin’ feeling back, isn’t it?

Tell you how bad it is…I have a business opportunity that I could take RIGHT NOW by moving to the States immediately…and I’m passing…no fucking way…

I could give this same business opportunity a good go in Europe…and that’s what I’m planning…

That’s right…I could live a day’s drive south of my own border, and instead, I’m choosing to relocate overseas when the opportunity in Europe becomes as solid as the American lead.

Until then, I stay my ass in Canada.

If anyone who knew me before the Iraq invasion heard me say this today, they’d be astounded.

But really, what the hell would I do in the States now?

I’m brown.

I’m a liberal.  With a capital L.

I speak my mind.

I don’t give a shit what a cop thinks if I’m in the right (good way to get dead down there, no?)

I earn Canadian dollars, which right now are are worth more than the almighty U.S. greenback (again, who on earth would have thunk?) In Europe, I could earn the equivalent in Euros with my business, once it’s up, as I do Canadian dollars…

But you know what makes me determinded to never set foot on U.S. soil ever again if I can possibly manage it, for the rest of my life, perhaps?

George W. Bush

You know, this guy’s still in office.

He’s responsible, by now, for at least a million wrongful deaths, and the number is probably much higher.

And he’s still President.

And he’ll serve out his term.

And he’ll retire with a fucking lifetime pension and Secret Service protection.

Now, you tell me…

Would you want to even visit a country where something like this could happen?

I’d rather visit Russia…hey, at least there, they call a spade a spade and a dictator a dictator.


No, I don’t think I’ll ever cross that border again…not when missing white girls from 2 years back are front-page news while the faceless victims of George W. Bush and his minions continue to die, suffer, bleed and cry for justice.

No, I don’t think so…


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  1. I can’t argue with a damn thing you wrote.

    Not one.

    It had been 2 weeks since I popped in here and the big orange.  

    Needed a break.


  2. were I north of the border right now I’d stay.

    Things are bad here and are going to get worse.

    Before they get much worse.

    • Edger on November 27, 2007 at 00:56

    Recently, Nova M Radio’s Mike Malloy suggested the lethargy that appears to have descended on the American people is more “rage fatigue” than a lack of knowledge or comprehension of the damage wrought by this administration. I agree, although for many of us, rather than fatigue, it’s more an inability to “focus” on any single atrocity about which to be enraged. There are just too many incoming horrors at any one time. We are in the throes of a national paralysis.

    It’s not that we don’t know enough to be enraged. We know too much. About too many things. Our rage is splintered, spread too thin to be effective. For the past five years, people in this country and around the world have protested against Bush and Cheney’s genocidal assault on two helpless nations. As they prepare openly for yet another bloody attack on yet another nation, we continue to sign petitions, hold meetings, march against the corporate machine — all to no avail.

    The issues catapaulting citizens into the streets are outrageous — each one deserving of a “million man march” on its own merits. However, because we are frustrated by a relentless media blackout and by the deepening corruption, loss of freedoms and the tightening noose of tyranny, our cries are little more than a cacophony of discord — an impotent racket.

    Both Democrats and Republicans are branches of the same tree of corruption. When hacked off, a branch is instantly replaced by another, and another, each one stronger than the last. George Bush is but a snarled twig, waving at us with a frog in one hand and a firecracker in the other. As bodies of American citizens pile up in funeral homes and cemetaries across the nation; as more and more bodies of innocent men, women and children are strewn across the Middle East, it is becoming increasingly obvious the madness will not stop until we fell this tree — dig into the darkness and strike the root.

    Sheila Samples, July 06, 2007

  3. period

    no debate

    its over

    for a long time

    the rest of my lifetime

    and I intend to live it

    but not here

    I am leaving within 6 months


  4. and take up the fight against the people who really run the world.  Life in America and increasingly in all of the western world is controlled by deception.

    This site is a perfect example.


    Perception management through media control, sound familiar?

    I like this one too.


    The thing about embracing and accepting the concept that there are evil corporate forces ruling the world though is kind of like existentialism, sort of.  The whole belief system of “left” vs “right” can be taken and analyzed as only the driving force behind Hegelian Dialectic.

    • Slugbug on November 27, 2007 at 03:57

    I did it in 1991 during the Gulf War and let me tell you, it changed my life!!

    No more Chris Matthews, no more of any of them.

    Who are they anyway?

  5. leave America… well, if that’s your decision, I wish you

    luck, health and happiness.  But for me leaving is not an

    option.  I choose to stand and fight.  This country has had

    many, many ups and downs since she was formed.  For the last

    7 years we’ve been in the worst down of my lifetime, but with

    enough good people willing to fight the fight we should be able to save her.  This country probably won’t ever be as great as she was but she still can be one of the better places to live (just keep repeating this mantra).  

    The only thing that will void the above is if we don’t regain

    the White House next year.  If we don’t then all bets are off.

  6. with the sentiment. I think we all might have been there  a time or two.

    Of course being an American, I don’t have the option to just ignore the whole damn mess. There can be no middle ground here and the status quo will just not do. Great atrocities have been committed and in order for there to be balance, those atrocities can only be offset with great noble deeds of justice and honor.  

    The pendulum will swing to one of either extremes and right now the future looks pretty dark. But, whatever the outcome will be, I know that this period in history will define life on earth the next millennia, as the Age of Oil will be but a brief, but significant blip of the history of human civilization.

  7. but…hey…need a versatile programmer with managment skills?

    I’m definitely sharing your view that the EU is probably the best future for an individual generally — at least the Western part :} Also your view that all this crap is a big “meh” in many regards.

    I have visited countries where worse has happend and will happen again. In every place there are people who want dignity, free expression, and a sense of society, the way EU functionaries use the word. It is always to meet such people that I travel — and to put my grubby nose up against history and leave a smudge. My criteria is more along the lines of how scared I am they will put a cap in a tranny. So, Eygpt is in as a possible destination, muslim brotherhood and all, and the american south is right out…

  8. be it here or somewhere else

    I thnk Jerome could weigh in here. I have had great conversations with people who live in Europe who understand that it is the great satan Bush that is the problem and not the American people per say. Still, many question why we have allowed the Democratic party to do his bidding. Explaining the nuiances of our political system has garnered small crowds at times – especially of young people. During those times I have come away feeling I have done more good there than I have done here – at least in fostering good will.

  9. Canada outranks the US in the UN’s Latest Annual Table of the World’s Most Desirable Countries to Live in:  

    “…Iceland, Norway, Australia, Canada and Ireland the first five but the United States slipping to 12th place from eighth last year in the U.N. Human Development Index…”

    When I read this, I actually for a moment was considering the pros and cons of moving to one of these places myself-something that never would have crossed my mind seven years ago.  

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