America’s Real Religion

No, it’s not Protestantism or Baptis(m?)…

It doesn’t have anything to do with God, you see.

America’s real religion is Violence, with a capital “V.”

America was born out of violence, the massacre of the aboriginal North Americans, the war upon Britain for Independence, and the Civil War that solved the final question of the enslaving of other human beings.

America still worships violence, as can be seen on any television station (even religous programming talks of “War against Islam” and “Soldiers of Christ” and “Crusade…”)

And the 2nd Amendment, in my view, is what has so polluted and corroded the social fabric of American culture.

Anyone who’s watched “Bowling For Columbine” knows what I mean.  I mean, I’ve watched that movie several times, every time with other non-Americans, and the invariable reaction engendered on all sides, whomever we were and what we were doing or discussing, was open-mouthed amazement at the mere statistics of death and mayhem in America that arise from the Religion of the Gun.

Listen, this is absurd.

There is no logical reason that, in a civilized Western society (notice I’ve said ‘civilized’ as a defining requirement), the citizens of that society should feel the need, or demand the right, to arm themselves as if preparing for the re-enactment of the final scene of “Saving Private Ryan.”

You’re a nation of laws, right?

You have a criminal justice system that is just?

You’re a civilized nation, right?

So, then, what is with all the cannons?

I’m Canadian, so I don’t get it.

Even television.  You can’t even watch an American sitcom without a pistol or rifle making a n appearance somewhere within an episode or two…as for drama…there is no such thing as a dramatic series in America that doesn’t feature the use, or the results of the use, of firearms.

It’s insane.

And then I hear the knuckle-draggers talk about “Hey, we have to be able to protect our homes and families…”

From what???

Are you all saying that America is the greatest nation on earth, but any American citizen who wants to see the next day had better be packing??

Am I getting this right?

This is a civilized nation we’re discussing, right?  So, why are you afraid of being shot down in the street on your way to work, or being robbed at gunpoint at the ATM, or being killed in a drive-by in the neighbourhood, or shot in your own home by home-invading thugs and burglars?

Uh, are you sure most of these problems haven’t arisen because of the fact that America is swimming in guns and ammo, and has been since it became a nation?

Are you so sure all those illegally possessed guns would even be there to threaten you if America wasn’t the blasted weapons-maker of the criminal world?

How do all of these bad guys get guns in the first place if there are no guns to be gotten?


It amazes me that the entire nation isn’t up in arms (no pun intended) about the massive flood of lethal hardware floating around the country.

It’s obscene.

If you need all of these weapons to protect yourself, you don’t live in a civilized nation.

You just think you do.

You actually live in a Dickensian/Darwinian nightmare just two shades this side of “A Clockwork Orange.”  Then again, I think of Guantanamo Bay and realize…you’re already there…

You know what I call a country in which criminals run amok with guns and artillery worthy of the 3rd World battleground?  In which people barricade themselves behind steel doors and gated communities?  In which people can walk outside and blow away unarmed people burglarizing their neighbour’s empty home?

I call it fucked up.

You don’t need more guns to stop the criminals with guns.

You need to get those guns from the criminals.

Too hard?

Well, it’s your fucking country, not mine…I couldn’t care less…


Come up to Canada…you’ll see…gun store?  What gun store?  I think there’s one in the next town, but what the bloody hell do I need a gun for?  Really…

If I want to go hunting one day, then I’ll complete some research on Jaktvapen variations before I decide on which firearm could be the best for me, and then I’d buy a hunting rifle.

Granted, there are many more guns in the streets of Canada than there were a generation ago…and guess where they came from?

You guessed it…most guns used in crimes in Canada were illegally brought over the border from the States.

And I have a prediction to make…

As long as the 2nd Amendment is more dear to people than…say, the 1st or 4th…

You’re gonna need more guns…

That, folks, is your vicious circle…


All hail the Gun.  It shall set us all free from…Guns…


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  1. Fire away…

    • Tigana on December 9, 2007 at 21:07

    Thank you, TMWAP.  

    • Edger on December 9, 2007 at 22:10

    …those with loaded guns, and those who dig.

    It’s nuts alright.

  2. You’re a nation of laws, right?

    You have a criminal justice system that is just?


    • nocatz on December 10, 2007 at 02:52

    A pig farmer accused of being Canada’s most prolific serial killer has been found guilty of second-degree murder.

  3. have to say the second tenet of religion is money.

    And with government like this, yes I want a gun!

  4. the real religion being….fear.

    That is the cause of the violent mind set, when you walk around and live in fear, you are always ready to lash out.

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