Here Too?

You know what, I left Dkos because of a principle.  I couldn’t support the Dems and their torturing AG appointment.


I didn’t leave because Markos is the devil incarnate, and I left MyLeftWing when it turned into a “Markos is Evil” site.

Now, it seems the same lunatics are here.

I’m taking a break for awhile.  I really hope budhy is able to straighten things out here, I love docudharma, but I don’t have the mental energy to wade through anti-Markos screeds whenever I even mention Dkos in passing.

Apparently, even saying “Orange” is an invitation to everyone who hates Markos to come and fill my ears with it.

I don’t have time for that shit.

Markos Derangement Syndrome drove me from MyLefWing.

I really want to stay here, but I have to take a  break from this fucking poison.

This isn’t a GBCW.  I love this site.  I’m just going to take  a break and come back, hopefully, when the Markos-haters have moved on or been put to the curb…

You people need help.  If Markos is your greatest obsession, you’re idiots, to be honest.  Look around at your god-damned country and tell me how Markos is responsible for it.

Or is he a convenient foil for those who wish to bitch and bitch and bitch about something that really doesn’t address the glaring implosion of their own nation?

You people give me a head-ache.

Seeya around in a while…


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  1. I really don’t care right now…

    • Alma on November 27, 2007 at 19:20

    We aren’t all obssessed with stupid stuff.

  2. aberration. Stuff/frustration is going to boil over every once in a while and kos is just a convenient target of frustration. That is precisely why we have the no kosbashing rule.

    No need to flee.

  3. At least not me here.

    If it happens here to any great extent, you’ll have to race me to the nearest exit. And I can run pretty fast when I have to.

    One person does not make a blogging community.

    Cheers, TMWAP.

  4. I have a big problem (stay with me PLEASE) with a blog that promotes Chevron when Chevron is partly responsible for a very real and highly documented uptake in violence against women. This being international “End Violence Against Women Week” I have alot to say about the subject in the form of an about to be posted essay.

    In essence am I being asked to leave Chevron out of it when, if you google the issue, Chevron comes up over and over again cited by places like the United Nations? I just need to know.

    Are you recommending (seriously) that I leave Chevron in my piece but that blog that promotes them in an ad that is mentioned by several institutions as a mistruth – out?

    I need to know the rules as I want to post this very important diary and Budhy I vow to play by the rules even if I disagree with them as I am the least important aspect here of the issue.

    Answer please?

  5. I honor you as well and also ask for your opinion

    I am being totally serious

  6. I can post it somewhere else so as not to offend.

  7. we found dailykos.  A virtual webplace for like minded people to congregate and check out daily political news and happenings.

    I would submit though that anger against things happen when people are let down in some way.  Often that comes with some sort of expectations or assumptions that these “like minded people” are actually “like minded”.

    The web is a poor media for this as is this very short diary type of format.

  8. I have assumed that people here would share the same abhorance I have to the brutal rape of women never seen before on such a scale as we are witnessing now.

    I will post this diary, sadly, elsewhere.

    Good night

  9. and please see the video I just posted on B’s essay – it wil make you feel good

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