My ’08 Prediction – Based Upon Observation

Now, I may be one of the few people who doesn’t have a whole degree of confidence in the ’08 Election in the United States.  I mean, just look at the Republican candidates- in what other Western nation but America could these yahoos even run for dog-catcher, let alone the highest office in the land, with access to the nuclear button?  The mind boggles.

Then, I look at the Democratic Candidates, and it is even more depressing…because there’s no way in hell I see the two current front-runners beating whatever sad-sack Republican they manage to prop up long enough for the ballots to be counted.

Follow me over the flip and I’ll tell you why, in startlingly short time.

Hillary is a woman.

Obama is a man of colour.

End of story.


I was telling my wife that, if a sitting Vice-President and then a decorated war veteran from the Senate, both of whom are lily-white and as American as apple-pie, couldn’t garner enough votes from American voters to at least make the election frauds that occurred both in ’00 and ’04 look the shams they were…

I mean, how many legitimate votes did George W. Bush win in both election?

Answer: Far too many for anyone to assume the Democratic Party is rolling into the White House in ’09.  I mean, who in the hell voted for this guy?  Either time?  I’m mystified.

Second Point: Hillary and the “She-Factor.”  Come on, people, let’s get real…Hillary is probably the most polarizing figure in the nation, after George W. Bush, and she is reviled by the same people whom flocked to pull the lever for George W. Bush…how many of those people would vote for Hillary, do you think, even under threat of waterboarding?

Any guesses?

Is the number more than, say…zero? ‘Cause I’d be shocked if Hillary or Obama doesn’t trigger a stampede to the Republican candidate.

Is the Bible-thumping evangelist really going sit on his hands out of pique that his candidate isn’t the “Chosen Rethug” when the other side is fielding…a half-black man or a librul woman?!?

You really think so?


I don’t…

You really think the Bush-bots who still support his policies will either not vote at all, or vote for the Democratic ticket…when the Democrats are fielding…a half-black man or a librul woman?

After all the Kool-Ade this nation has swirled in their grubby little glass and scarfed as if it were Dom Perignon, after the Duke debacle, the Don Imus fiasco, and Rush Limbaugh’s chokehold on the nation’s bigots, where people like Michael Savage can call blacks in New Orleans trying to find anything to help them survive Katrina “animals,” where New Orleans was allowed to happen (yeah, Bush would have strummed a banjo and done a mere fly-over if it was a shit-kicking Southern mostly-white ‘good ol’ boy’ town in Dixie, yes, I’m sure)…are you people really saying what I think you’re saying?

That Obama or Hillary has a chance in hell winning a real national election in a nation as racially and chauvinistically backwards as America still is today?



My Prediction.

If the Democrats take ’09, it’s because John Edwards won the nomination, somehow.  And neither Obama nor Hillary are in the VP slot.

If either Hillary or Obama is on that ticket in either capacity…the Republicans retain the White House, and the quisling Senate and Congress become irrelevant, as they’ve already granted the POTUS virtual Caesar-Status, even in his lame-duck days.


Remember, this isn’t what I want to happen.

It’s merely my best, educated and observant opinion.

Let’s see how I do…


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  1. I’d be delighted to be wrong…

    But watching the commentary from the right when a black Oprah had the audacity to support openly…a black candidate (and tell me which white candidate hasn’t historically garnered fists full of support from equally white celebrities), I can see the hand-writing on the wall…

    And it says, “POTUS Applications- women and minorities need not apply.”

    At least, that’s what I see..

  2. Never in my recollection has so much energy been focused on the art of dividing the people.

    The Bilderburger watchers say it’s Guiliani and Rick Perry.

    The media campaign against Ron Paul is worthy of a Pentagon psy-op award as is the daily scripting of media pundit talking points nobody cares about.  I don’t think they even care who is on the left because the left IHMO has not been selected to “win” this time.

    • pico on December 15, 2007 at 21:45

    I think you’re going to get abnormally high voter turnout with either Hillary or Obama, courtesy of whichever underrepresented demographic is up for the position.  On the other hand, I expect Republicans to be SO disappointed in their candidates that they won’t even come to the polls to prevent a Democratic president.

    Just my two cents.  Remember that the deep south Louisiana just elected a man of color over a white man – and this after having elected a woman to the same position – so anything is possible.  Yes there were particular circumstances involved in his election, but I think it does counter the idea that people simply cannot accept a person of color in the highest office.

    • BobbyK on December 16, 2007 at 22:41

    Guess the weather has put me in a lousy mood, but I’m feeling like our side is going to lose again.  Not because of the race, gender, or occupation of our candidates, but because our candidates are too moderate.  

    Obama’s positions seem triangulated and too cautious.  Clinton’s positions seem too rehearsed and calculated.  Calculated caution just isn’t very inspiring.

    Republicons are wrong on every issue I can think of.  Even when their positions are amazingly unpopular, THEY FIGHT for them.  War in Iraq, War with Iran, Parochial school vouchers, Abortion, Social Security Privatization, Tax Breaks for the rich, etc.

    That’s why they win over the mushy middle.  They have certitude and passion for their rhetoric and big ideas where our leaders seem afraid to tell it like it is.

    Maybe I’m wrong but I think most people are really angry about the state of the country right now.  We are on the wrong track.  What a great opportunity for the Democrats to campaign on a bold New ‘New Deal’.

    If Edwards has a chance at all, it will be because the country ‘Needs a Good Lawyer’ to get us out of the mess we’re in.

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