since you haven’t banned me

I’ll only say thank you, for that.

Because I think it is really cool that a leftist blog gets it through their collective heads that banning is wrong. I hope my efforts have gotten this across.

Meanwhile, I have been typing and typing and typing.

I tend to rewrite the same stuff over and over again, except I hope I get it better each time.

It’s like water rushing over the rocks. It becomes more clear.

I am still here, you didn’t throw me away.


But I still think you stuck it to Jay. Jay is my friend, from long back.

I’m not going to go away from that.

Jay is a good blogger! he’s nice and understanding.

He’s smart. He’s a liberal. I’ve known him for a long time.

Yeah, he has a degree from a law school. UCLA, actually.

He’s a dear person. And like Allison pointed out; yeah, lawyers kind of get trained to talk like that, kinda confrontational.

Thank you for not banning me. And ek hornbeck and Inky99 and MomCat, I’m always interested in what you have to offer.

But I cannot keep blogging here if any of my long-time friends are cut out at will.

Jesus, ek. Deal with it!!!!

I WANT you to feel secure on this blog. You deserve it.

I don’t want to kick you off or take over this blog, though I might start my own.

And if/when I do, I would want you to come in and chip in, too.

How hard is it to get this across, ek?


Its time you discontinue with this particular tangent and find another topic to write about. Or, are you just trying to further inflame the situation?  


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  1. This does not pertain to our case …

  2. you’re saying that you are glad not to be banned but you will stop blogging here if your friend is not reinstated.

    Surely you could use your writing talents for another topic.

    I am not saying you’re manic but this piece comes across that way.

    Generally when people say….”I am not trying to” fill in the blank that is exactly what they are doing. You say you are trying to “take over” the blog but essentially in making your demands that is exactly what you are doing.

    Your friend sounds like a cool dude. No doubt you are an excellent person yourself.

    I am not convinced this is the way to be an effective advocate. But I have been wrong before.

  3. ‘they’ will either ban or un-ban your friend / whatever.

    IF you don’t like the decision, AND can’t live with it, leave.

    IF you don’t like the decision, AND will live with it,

    don’t leave.

    here or at orange or at that asshole chris bowers or with armando-the-tyrant …

    I can’t believe the amount of time people waste on this meta fucking GARBAGE.

    free speech and banning = ha ha ha on free speech.

    MY blog or joe’s blog or sue’s blog = Me or Sue or Joe is in charge of deciding who is playing fair and who isn’t –

    so go start your own blog.

    IF I had a blog, I’d auto ban ANYONE who who had a meta diary or a meta comment with more than 3 sentences.


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