thoughts on banning

yeah, here I am again. I wasn’t going to come back here anymore, but I still care too much.

I started writing this as a response to Nada Lemming. Then I realized it was turning into an essay.

I appreciate it that you have not banned me. More over the jump. It starts out one way and it is turning into another way. I’ll leave my text right stream of consciousness, as is. I think it’s more honest that way.

I can’t blog here any more, at least not at this time. It’s not negotiable, and I don’t want to talk about it. I feel sad about it. I’m not angry at anyone, just sad.

It’s my own personal decision, and I don’t want to talk about that either.

Nobody is forcing me to do this.

I wish everybody here all the best. My deciding not to blog here anymore has nothing to do with how I feel about any of you.

I can’t explain it any further. It’s not an option. But I’ll say again that nobody is forcing me to do this. It’s me that is telling me I have to do this.

I wrote here and elsewhere some days back and put some friendships on ice. I was sad to do that. I also reassured my friends that I would keep private any personal information I had on them (i.e., real names; physical addresses).

And I am and I will, always. Always. I care about you folks. This is hard.

The site administrators here know what the problem is. It’s about banning. It’s always about banning, for me.

Give me nine kinds of hell and insult my pussy; fine.

But don’t ban my friends off the top of your head. Not okay. Never okay.

Wasn’t okay with me when it happened to ek hornbeck on Daily Kos, and that had a lot of history, unlike the banning of Jay, which was quite impromptu.

I spent months hassling Daily Kos about ek hornbeck being banned. Ultimately, I gave it up and tried to mend fences.

Then ek hornbeck banned Jay. My old friend Jay. Who did not troll this site and accuse people of anything. Who just posted essays a few people didn’t like, and then was accused of “changing content?”

Jay, who tried to engage Inky99 in a reasonable dialogue about the law. The law that protects us from the military.

Fuck this shit. If you guys want to run a reasonable blog here, figure out what the fuck your rules really are. Don’t try to pass off bullshit about how you can do whatever you want, except when some admin decides you broke some immediately invented rule in the middle of the night and bans you forthwith.

That’s where I’m at with this, with this blog generally. Right now, I am thinking DocuDharma has failed the Turing Test, should blogs be subjected to such. I’d like to believe y’all can do better than that.

If you have issues with another user then they should be kept private. As this is a public blog which is not meant to air personnel grievances. If you cannot abide by that simple request then it is my suggestion that you take a break. No, ek did not write this.    


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    • Miep on January 3, 2010 at 9:47 am
    • Inky99 on January 3, 2010 at 10:33 am

    I’m sorry your friend got banned.   I had some issues with his essay here, and I directed them at him, and that was it.   I sure didn’t expect it to blow up in any way.  I still don’t get why he was banned.   But then again I wasn’t privy to any history.  I’d never heard of the guy until he posted that essay.  

    I hope you come back and I’m sorry you’re feeling bad.

  1. I rely on what people write and how they act.

    Jay changed his content.

    You can’t have your own facts.

    • Heather on January 3, 2010 at 4:06 pm

    Thanks to whoever did it.

  2. you’re barking up the wrong tree.

    First ek is an Admin and even though he doesn’t flash it like it or not Admins have some power to regulate activity here. You can disagree pretty profoundly with him and he doesn’t drop the sword that often. Do I always think he is right? No. Do I respect him. Absolutely.

    Sorry you are hurt by what happened to your friend but…. sometimes friends are wrong. You might want to consider that unpleasant truth. People we care about fuck up and if we are really friends we will tell them.

    ek like all Admins does what is appropriate for the community or what he believes is and soemtimes what is good for the community is for some individuals to be challenged and as a last resort banned.

    I don’t post much but I have been here from the start and my expectation if I just wigged out was that I would be subjected to the same.

    It is personal for you and painful as a result but it is not personal for ek. You are simply experiencing it that way.  Back off take a breath …..

  3. Google cache has a version of the page as it appeared about 3 hours after posting.

    The original essay was posted 12/27 at 3:47 AM Eastern.  Google Indexed the page at 6:42 AM. Note there are only 3 comments there, the last from DianeG at 6:16. I compared the text from the cached version with the currently posted version and they are identical.  So it doesn’t appear there have been any edits to the content – unless they were made in the 3 hour window before Google spidered it.  

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