Okay, not goodbye sweet princes

I should not have fallen for the gbwc thing, even in a comment.

My bad.

Though I do consider many of you sweet princes, and even princesses.

However, I’m not writing here to talk about royalty.

I want to talk about the draft.

Oh, no. My bad. I want to talk about this thing about changing content in essays.

Let’s talk about that.

I’d like to hear from the site admins about this.

What can you see, site admins?

I don’t know shit about soapblox ware.

Does it track every single essay revision, or does it just track times when those essays are revised?

Point being, when you ban someone, in some vague sense, for “changing content,” exactly what is that about?

I think it’s kind of like finding someone guilty without bothering with evidence, let alone a trial.

I mean, what was this “You changed content and thus you are banned” thing y’all pulled on “Just Call Me Jay.”

WTF? I post essays and then I always fuck them up some, and then go back and fix the typos and shit, and then I go to bed eventually.

What exactly are you accusing Jay of?

How about you deal with this, instead of sweeping it under the carpet, like y’all are always accusing Republicans of doing?

What exactly are you saying Jay said and then changed?

Do you have any record of this, or are you just going on hearsay?

Why such secrecy, DocuDharma admins?

How about you spell it out?

Like, as in rule of fucking law?



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    • Miep on December 29, 2009 at 13:43
    • Diane G on December 29, 2009 at 14:47

    on DD, since I have my own site to admin, and I am no admin here…. but the email barrage between Jay and Miep are driving me batshit crazy.

    All I asked, politely was that Jay not do call outs IN THE FUTURE on wwl. I left the original essay up on my FP; due to the fact, as a newbie, he did not know call outs are taboo.

    The degradation of the conversation here at DD is why its taboo. It seems to have dragged many down to the name calling level.

    Miep herself agreed with my position, at the time:

    two alternatives  (4.00 / 2)

    to this post: one would have been to post this as a response to Inky’s essay as a comment, another would have been to frame the essay as a discussion of the issue without attacking another poster.

    My position was the same as hers, and I have no idea why Jay chose to get angry about it, when I continued and said the essay beyond the personal had a TON of merit.

    I have no idea why he chose to delete his entire set of essays and comments, rather than say, “OK, Diane, I didn’t know.” and move on.

    Instead, by dragging an argument with a user who doesn’t post at WWL to WWL, he and Miep are now equating my actions ON WWL with what is happening here. Truth be told, what is happening here is predictable.

    Name calling sucks, and then people who called Jay out on his essay (which isn’t against the rules here) are now calling Jay names. Calling each other names too.

    For the love of DOG, people, stop lowering the discourse and move on.

    Its a simple rule at WWL for a reason: Call outs ALWAYS end up exactly like this. Flame wars and over reactions.

    If Jay wants to come back to wwl, and will give me his word that he won’t have a deleting shit fit when told nicely not to do call-outs in the future, he is welcome back.

    He refuses that offer.

    I gave him that opportunity. Everyone loses their shit sometimes, whether users or admins… and the adult path is to try and work things out behind the scenes if possible. To let cooler heads prevail.

    Miep, you are throwing fuel on a dying fire to garner attention for yourself. You seek drama, create drama. Stop it already, at least as far as emailing me to whine about DD or my admin’ing of my own fucking blog.

    Jay, you are expecting me to act as an admin on DD, when I am not one. You are asking me to defend you here, when you are still over reacting and wanting to purge your history over a SIMPLE fucking REQUEST.

    That is unreasonable.

    Jay DID change the content of that essay on WWL: He lied and said I requested its removal, and made that sentence the content. I did not request its removal or even alteration. I just said it was a no-no in the future.

    I am not privy to what he did here, other than I witnessed he removed all his other essays here too.

    I consider that a childish and petty over reaction to being told that call-outs suck.

    Myself? I like to play with grown ups, and Jay is not presently acting like one. He is being a drama queen.

    Miep is having a tantrum and making things worse for everyone.

    I have no stomach for meta.

    I believe Ek on this one, because if Jay did it at WWL, which he DID, then did it here.

    Both sites have every right to protect themselves from the over reacting petty vandalism of one who cannot control themselves and their petty fits of rage.

    Peace Out Miep. Keep me the fuck out of you high drahhhhma.

    And stop the email barrage.

    • Inky99 on December 29, 2009 at 22:44

    I’m not privy to all the e-mails flying around, but I can see Miep’s point as she states here.

    It seems she’s just asking when is an edit to an essay not acceptable?

    Because we all do it, we all go back and edit our stuff.

    Although I’m lazy enough I usually just do an UPDATE or an ON EDIT.  

    As I take it she’s looking for some kind of rule about it, and there doesn’t seem to be one.  

    Also it seems her feelings are hurt on behalf of her friend.  Which I understand as well.  

    • Miep on January 6, 2010 at 09:02

    you deleted some stuff, yeah.

    But overall DocDharma  did not go too far with this.

    I appreciate that. I respect that. I respect all of you (you too, ek_) for this.

    I know this was a tiresome hassle.

    But at this point I can only say thank you, you Docudharma collective, for not going too far over the edge.

    You all rule, far as I’m concerned, for that.

    Good job.

    Love to all.

    Oh, and take care of buhdy. As always,


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