blog slam

and no, you don’t get to know who wrote it.

thank you.  I thought that you were sorry you’d asked me to weigh in over at DocuDharma, but I am gladdened that you used my phrase.  I was expecting to be flamed over at DocuDharma (a thousand worse things have happened to me in 46 years, so I don’t care), but then I saw that diary is a day old.  I am surprised at the Hallway-Monitor-Wannabees over at DK who are so conscientious about three paragraphs, as if the DK diary is some precious literary form, or political expression is imperfect unless shaped a certain way.  And then they’re talking about whether 1 per day requires a minimal separation, or whether you can cheat the Hallway Monitor by doing two diaries just moments apart, as long as you pay the price by waiting 23 hours before and after — utter nonsense.  Just craziness.

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    • Miep on December 20, 2009 at 8:03 am

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