Did I Steal Myself?

Well now that technology “allows” me to whip out a cell phone to pay my cell phone bill while waiting in the dentist’s office this “convienience comes at a price.  It is apparently so convienient most of the internet connected world has their hand in your pocketbook.  For a price these two companies will ask the question for you, “Did I Steal Myself”.



Now the added bonus in all this is secondary.  They are getting you to pay to advance the science of data mining.




And you thought FISA was bad?

Anyway I think it just illustrates the principle of how some retarded ideas come to be institutionalized.  People are trusting their most intimate details by loading them into a toy, a toy which has to “update” itself every five minutes because there is a “security alert”.  And no, I don’t know anyone in Nigeria so I do not believe their government owes me 10 million dollars, Oh, and I don’t have an account with Bank of America.

OK, so you might say big deal, I’m not doing anything illegal so I don’t have a care right?  Required homework assignment.  Study fully this site.  Click on it associated links, peruse the content and absorb the true evil.


The Apocalyptic horses are in great spirits today!


    • Tigana on December 13, 2007 at 07:31

    Try http://www.scroogle.org

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