No I Don’t ACCEPT the license agreement

Four hours.  Piece of crap, 2nd attempt to install software.  Crashed halfway through on the first attempt.  FT4KL-TQC2-PZ48B-QM666-SEIG-HEIL-666.

“You may now activate your software via the internet”.

I think not, last time I did that it wiped out three highly useful engineering progams and I spent three days on the phone trying to restore.  Even the techno-geeks didn’t have an answer.  Felt like an idiot trying to run something in the lab that ran just fine last week.  NPI,negative productivity intitative.

This company gives you “upgrades” four times a year.  It was a good thing though as the email saying not to install the latest “upgrade” actually preceeded receipt of the “upgrade”.…

No, I actually don’t care if it comes from a “hatter site”, I fully take every word as Gospel.  Am I smarter than Huckabee?

Lucky I’m not in charge, these people, far from Boy Scouts would get anti-trusted into oblivion.  IMHO no other “industry” does more in supporting the subliminal aspects of citizens non-participation in bettering their community life.…………

What is real?  Well HR 1955 and S 1959, our permanently, positively,prepetually, post 911 world.

More real is an Apocalyptic horse in a lope on 14 inches of new snow.