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Mega Zillions Fraud!!



Yesterday, I wrote (in the third person) to tell you with certainty that I had won the Mega Zillions jackport, more than $500 million.  Some of you greeted this news with your usual skepticism. I didn’t mind. You were clearly mistaken. And anyway, I was on my way to the bank.

I awoke this morning to discover to my shock and anger that nobody, that’s right, nobody was camped at my kitchen door waiting for the nouveau nouveau riche (me) to arise and to begin to dispense money in accord with my vaunted, self declared philanthropic inclinations.  No. That did not happen. Nobody was there.

Why was nobody there, you have the nerve to ask? Because a vast conspiracy had emerged over night and through connivance had deprived me of my winnings. In fact, of all of my winnings. Not only that. They gave my money to their minions in other states far from here.

This shall not stand. I demand a full investigation of this fraud. And I want my $5 back.

The Passion for CT and Russia Today

Jessie Ventura is now doing a series on CT subjects on TruTV.  Some in the CT community desperate to get the word out are happy yet upset about the dramatic feel of the show.  The beef is that newcomers to CT theories will just dismiss something which has a ghostbusters aura to it.  My mind was only opened up enough via a full year of expat assignment.  Most are just sucked back into “reality” via the media matrix programming.

WAPO admits to Bilderburg


Jordan met Eric Schmidt at Bilderburg, that super secret organization between Davos and Bohemian Grove.

A mention in real mainsteam propaganda press that the Bilderburg Group does in fact exist.  Now to make it an American household word.  Every five year old should know what Bilderburg is and how that organization will adversely affect their entire life.

My Link Spilleth Over

Checking various boards I saw a familiar link about MIT students documenting the effectiveness of hats made from tin foil.


The link ponders the question, does a hat made of tin foil shield or amplify the radio signals secret government agencies use to track and or control citizens.  Not exactly mainstream popular theory but let’s look at some other technology which has come into public view.  

I think it’s more entertaining in the sci-fi genre than 24 and Faux network.