Refusal to Ship

It may sound innocent enough but the recent company stance in regards to it’s employees gives me no choice but to say request denied.  The company has asked all of it’s employees to take a course on the best methods of shipping packages here in the States and internationally.  Shipping, the simple act of moving a package from here to there in this era of Homeboy Security, hazardous substances, customs is really becoming quite involved.  Here is the clincher.

By enrolling in the course the company wants to give me my very own personal “shipping number”.  Mind you I, personally am not shipping a package, I am asking the company to do so.  They are paying for it, they are the cause of the reason for shipping it and by all reasonable assumptions would be liable legally for it.  Let me quote from a most recent official company publication.

“Employees may also be held liable for damages suffered by the company”.

Now you may say I’m being an alarmist or perhaps taking the entire thing out of context but really I am not.  This particular publication deals with US and international business regulations, things which are ever evolving and lawyers specialize in.  We are all up on that stuff are we not?  The publication offers “amnesty” to whistleblowers who have information about “irregularities” in company business dealings.  It also specifically states your “options” should you choose to do so.  Very Catch 22 and specifically states the company will not stand behind the individual employee.

So, how was your day honey?


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  1. This story reads like a Dilbert strip (and I mean that as a compliment).

    The way our business is run in America has turned into a giant joke.  We have no regulation, business “leaders” are on the intelligence and ethical level of Dubya, oh such a big fat mess.

    So of course nonsensical and Kafkaesque rules will start to appear in our workplace.  Frankly I’d be comforted if it were some nefarious plot, at least you can fight that.

    But bureaucracy?  Gag.

    My day was pretty similar to yours, btw.

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