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writing in the raw: scheduling & PICTURES!!!!

hey! a quick update and reminder for the next three months of writing in the raw

June 5th: Rusty1776

June 12th: Alma

June 19th: geomoo

June 26th: keirdubois

July 3rd: Rusty1776

July 10th: tahoebasha3

July 17th: dharmasyd

July 24th: 73rd virgin (maybe she’ll tell us what that means?)

July 31st: dharmasyd

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August 20th: ek hornbeck

August 28th: srkp23

i’d like to prevail upon undercovercalico, Victory Coffee, RiaD, and Shaharazade for September. ucc said she needs to see her work schedule before committing to date. so if the others could commit without a definite date until i know ucc’s avail, that would be great.

9/11 falls on a thursday this year… so perhaps srkpy, as a new yorker, would like that spot.

if you are on the schedule, let me know you’ve read this and are still available.

Muse in the Morning

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Muse in the Morning


Assume Control

Make a choice

of a future

of a pattern

of spacetime

to imagine

Make choices

in the present

to instigate

that future

to happen

–Robyn Elaine Serven

–June 3, 2008

Please join us on the inside to celebrate, venerate, regenerate and/or motivate our muses.  Personally, sometimes mine seem corrugated.

When the Banshee Screamed for Thatcher 2.0

I didn’t notice it at first. I was under the all-consuming headphones, demolishing my remaining hearing with an album called Diamond Hoo Ha, deep within the selfish recesses of my own warped and spoiled suburban mind. It was the night of yet another dipshit, two-bit primary in some states, and an even skimpier night of civic duty here on the Central Coast, so the low whine was indistinguishable from Gaz Coombs and Measure G and Proposition 99 and the rest of existence’s dull roar.

Then I recognized it, processed the foul frequency in my debilitating cerebrum, and promptly dismissed it. Popular vote Florida Michigan in to win why’d he back when I was president blah blah fucking blah. Another primary is lost and yet won. Another goal post is moved and yet there are still points scored and funds raised and egos stroked and babies kissed and blood sucked and brains fried in this stupefying death march of a Democratic primary. The ciphers croaked on. The mirrors kept reflecting. The desperate projection couldn’t stop thinking about tomorrow.

NEW “New Math” Square Miles, Guess who wins?

Popular Vote and Electoral Vote Metrics Do Not Apply

Big States and Small States Do Not Matter

We are ONE COUNTRY, so…..

Here’s the true measure of the 2008 Democratic Primary.

Square Miles per candidate.

Total Square Miles USA Obama Square Miles Clinton Square Miles
3,537,441 2,326,894 1,459,990

OBAMA +866,904 Square Miles

It’s over, Hillary. Pack it in.

Tie Breaker in case of a tie…  

Puerto Rico 52 sq mi

Next President of the United States

barackobamadotcom St Paul 6/3/08 flickr photostream

Iglesia Returns………………………..Episode 57

(Iglesia is a serialized novel, published on Tuesdays and Saturdays at midnight ET, you can read all of the episodes by clicking on the tag.)

Previous episode

Rogers opened the door and led his shocked charges into a typical suburban type soothing beige living room with nice enough sofas and recliners and lamps and rugs and electronic equipment. He lead them through to a dining alcove where the table was set with a veritable steaming feast of comfort foods…and then led the tour past it. On to the two pleasant, large beige bedrooms with large fluffy looking beds with lots of pillows and opened doors to closets full of clothes and to the private baths where both tubs were full of bubbles. He clapped his hands and soothing amorphous music began to play as he led them back to the dining table and sat them down, pulling out Abe’s chair and then Iglesia’s. And then sort of shoving them down into them one at a time.

Who then both proceeded to stare down at some of their favorite foods without moving…. or blinking.

Liveblog?: End of the Primaries

Anyone else watching this shit?

You know, every politician always talks about cars with fuel cells and hybrids and shit and making driving more affordable.  Doesn’t this seem to be obviously only one possibility?  What if we can’t do that?  What if we need to live a bit differently?  Markets are already considering this possibility.

Let’s see if we can do a liveblog here.

Only one so far

and it’s in Portugal.  Chantilly VA near Washington June 5-8, the annual meeting of those Kingmakers, The Bilderburg Group.  They have much to discuss it would seem.


I have to assume there are WeAreChange members enroute right now as well as other Patriots Jim Tucker and Estulin.  Might not be any “leaks” in this conference as it lies in the very heart of Stasi America itself.

Police Brutality against Longest Walkers in Ohio (Updated 2x)

2 nd Update:

Thanks to Meteor Blades for finding this photo!


Imagine beginning to walk from San Francisco in order to raise awareness about American Indian concerns in a good way and having walked over 2,400 miles since February; but then, you get to Ohio where eight police cars come swooping at you while one does the blocking. Suddenly, an officer comes and reaches into the window, grabbing the wheel.


COLUMBUS Ohio – Unprovoked Columbus, Ohio police, attacked Long Walkers, by first pointing a taser at the head of Michael Lane and then forcing Luv the Mezenger to the ground and handcuffing him.

The Longest Walk Northern Route was walking this prayer through Columbus on Monday, June 2, when squad cars and arrest wagons arrived. Without discussion of the purpose of the prayer walk, or even verify that the Ohio Department of Transportation had been notified of the prayer walk, police attacked the walkers.

Paydirt! McCain Forced to Whine, “I’m *not* Bush III”

 This is what I’ve been looking for:  “In Speech McCain Denies he’s Bush III”.

“You will hear from my opponent’s campaign in every speech, every interview, every press release that I’m running for President Bush’s third term,” McCain plans to say. “You will hear every policy of the President described as the Bush-McCain policy.

Yup.  You can, indeed, count on that Senator McPander to Bush.

This is WONDERFUL NEWS.  Now we’ve got ‘im where we want ‘im:  McVerbTense says:  “I’m not Bush’s third term!”  To which the Democratic Party, its nominee, the progressive blogosphere and anyone who doesn’t want to see more insanity in the White House respond:  “Yes, you are!”

And, what’s McKeatingFive say?  “No, I’m not!”  

To which we respond, “Well, actually, yes you are!”

And, from there, it’s just turtles all the way down.

Forcing McHuggyBush to get into a circular argument-cum-whine about the degree to which he’s a shameless suck-up to the Worst President Ever is an argument that we can, and should, take all the way to November.  “Bush’s Third Term” needs to be repeated ad infinitum for the next 4 months.  Keep this in mind.

Mu . . .

What if? What if Now is the Time?

Cross-posted from the Wild Wild Left where you all are welcome to cross-post anytime. (with of course a header that says crossed from here! Remember cross-posting not only gets the message out, but bumps all our google ratings!)

I wrote a response to NP a moment ago that brought me to a question.

What would a world without borders look like?

Not in the Neo-Con World Korp way the Uber-Elites are trying to make; not in a way where exploitation of the multitudes by the very, very few is standard operating procedure… but in a way where there is so much all-interest that self-interest becomes obsolete?

What if the idea was protecting eachother and peace?

Pony Party with Poll!!

Once again the fall back person for the fall back person is stuck..oops, is doing

tonight’s PP.  So, since I’m not feeling well but am feeling obligated to fill

in how about we have some fun with this?!!  Shortly after this site opened to

the public (you and me) there was a poll about age.  Several interesting things

popped out.. If the FSM is watching over us (and if CLO is around) you just might find

some surprising things about folks here.  Please take the poll and if you’re

feeling open to it how about filling us in with a comment about your age and your

location if you’d like to share that info.

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