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The Georgia Guide Stones: A Future Lament


The Georgia Guidestones, a huge granite monument to the future, was built 30 years ago next year. Who built the monument is a mystery, though there is speculation it is NWO, Illuminati, Freemason, Rosicrucian Scientologists, but the reason it was built could not be clearer – to guide surviving humans from a collapsed previous civilization in the reconstruction of a new, successful society.

What if only the Stupid Survive?

It is Earth Day.


Another strange confluence of random events, generated by random people on this planet has me vibrating with unsettled energy. Even my use of the word “random” is incomplete to my meaning, for my circle is proof positive that kindreds usually connect one way or another.

I spent the better part of the week thinking about Class War, humans degenerating to our basest natures and what it would take to awaken us to how to be in this world as part of the whole of it.

My mind buzzes around trying to work the layers of the personal/ego expectations with the geopolitical/economic and the humanity/morality aspects of everything that is going on. All at once. The intuitive flashes that are the knowing/unknowing swirl through my soul at unpredictable intervals.

I say things like “the center cannot hold” in my admittedly cryptic way. For someone who talks a lot, writes a lot, I apparently am very cryptic. Heh. To those who know me, or perhaps just know more, I always assume they dig the deeper part of this.

The big, bad scary isn’t just the shadow government, human abuses or economic failure.

Its simple, really. Human existence itself is no longer sustainable on a planetary level.

The rest is just mental masturbation trying to either make ourselves as comfortable as possible during these end times, or delude ourselves into thinking we can reverse the irreversible. More, it may be only the attempt to lie to ourselves and think we, as the enlightened will somehow survive this and create a better world.

Mathematically, scientifically, the odds are greatly against that.

What if? What if Now is the Time?

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I wrote a response to NP a moment ago that brought me to a question.

What would a world without borders look like?

Not in the Neo-Con World Korp way the Uber-Elites are trying to make; not in a way where exploitation of the multitudes by the very, very few is standard operating procedure… but in a way where there is so much all-interest that self-interest becomes obsolete?

What if the idea was protecting eachother and peace?

Mission Accompli; the Rock Opera


The US takes the Missionary position to the World

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Its been five years.

Tommy can you hear me?  Tommy? Tommy?

It was over, wasn’t it? Is that not what we read, heard, saw?

Can I help to cheer you?

The surge, its working isn’t it? Are you relieved?

Tommy can you hear me?

Can you feel me near you?

Were we this near them?

Seal our eyes, our ears, our mouths.

This cannot be us.

Have a little Faith in Me

I want to tell you about my Faith this morning.

(mirriam webster)


1 a: allegiance to duty or a person : loyalty b (1): fidelity to one’s promises (2): sincerity of intentions

2 a (1): belief and trust in and loyalty to God (2): belief in the traditional doctrines of a religion b (1): firm belief in something for which there is no proof (2): complete trust

3: something that is believed especially with strong conviction; especially : a system of religious beliefs (the Protestant faith)

Transitive Verb:

archaic : believe, trust

Those in boldface ones come close.

My Faith in Humanity is as simple as my Faith in physics, my Faith in myself, my Faith in you.

Apocalypse 2012!

or The Really Real Reason Why ’08 Is the Most Important Election Ever

I’ve been around this big orange block long enough to know that writing a conspiracy-theory diary ain’t a real good idea if you’re not hungry for donuts, but some things…well, they may be out on the edge of non-paranoid discourse, but don’t really fall under the category of “conspiracy.”  I’ve scoured the FAQ for any mention of “prophecy,” for example, and have found neither reference nor prohibition.  That makes me glad, because it’s to the arcane world of divination that I must now turn: it falls to me, it seems – your resident historioranter-cum-Cassandra – to alert our community to the most important hitherto-unmentioned aspect of the job facing whoever is elected in November.

The person we place in the White House this year will be the one sitting there, either as a lame duck or a president-re-elect, on December 21st, 2012.  This has special significance, since a great many prophecies seem to converge on that particular day – it’s been slated to be the End of the World by seers from Ancient Mexico to Renaissance France.

In short, the next President will be in office when life as we know it comes to an end.

This Will Not Last

Setting the Stage

In 1995-96, I spent a year taking care of my 84 year old father after he had a series of debilitating strokes.   He was paralyzed at first on the left side and lost his speech, but never his mind.  Over the course of the year, he learned to walk and talk anew, with my help 3-4 days a week. It was an amazing year for me – I think the best of my life.  

My father and I had been somewhat estranged for most of my adult life.  He had never understood (or approved of) my decison in my twenties to divorce or go to law school.  As late as 1988, when I was 42 and joined my husband in California where he had taken a very good job, Daddy had said “I don’t understand why she has to go out to California.”

But as I helped him regain his speech and walking, fixed his meals, watched baseball with him (he was a big Braves fan), helped him with crossword puzzles, and listened with him to his favorite music and books on tape, we became very close.  Then of course over the last few months when he started to go down again, managing the three other caretakers we needed for him, I felt like I was somewhat living his dying process with him.  I was with him at the end and as his body withered, I could feel myself going with him, into his pillow, into death.  

I don’t know how many others have experienced something similar at the loss of a close one, but I feel like I lived my father’s death with him – and then I came back, but was forever changed by the experience.  (I still feel that ability to be in more than one place at a time, to get outside my body and let my mind take me wherever I want to go, not bound by space and time, to go completely through something, and be on the other side.  The first time I described it to a friend in the first weeks after my father’s death was as the ability to feel that I was on the other side of a wall, that I had gone through the wall, at the same time that I was there on the other side talking with her.)

For some time after Daddy’s death, I felt very close to the spirit world.  I had a  vivid visit from my father the night he died.  Over the next several years, I took a further hiatus from practicing law and delved into a more mystical world.  I joined with some women friends, most of whom are artists, in weekly dream sharings and interpretation.  

For that period of time I felt that I was thinking in spirals, not in the logical, square boxes of a lawyer.  I had more vivid dreams and messages that began to appear to me in the weekly Friends’ meeting we had been attending for years.