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September 21st (since 1982):

International Day of Peace

The International Day of Peace was established by United Nations resolution in 1981 and first celebrated in 1982 (then as the 3rd tuesday of the month).

Events are planned all over the world to promote peace and make it more visible…..>>>>Rest Here with 24 hour stream on many issues of Peace.

Terms of Engagement

(An open series for reflecting on, and overcoming obstacles on the path to finding a World Solution that works.)

This is the first barrier. We are one, but not one, in that our ways are myriad.

Each society has differences, cultural norms of behavior, religious based rules, and laws that may address either equitably or unfairly.

We, as Americans, tend to see all these variations through the glass darkly when they do not align with our biased Western perspective.

I believe the largest obstacle is how to allow the greatest autonomy in cultural preservation and freedom while trying to prohibit abuse of any persons individually.

The answer, in my opinion cannot be raising McDonald’s in the shadow of temples world wide, and demanding homogenization to a Western template.

What if? What if Now is the Time?

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I wrote a response to NP a moment ago that brought me to a question.

What would a world without borders look like?

Not in the Neo-Con World Korp way the Uber-Elites are trying to make; not in a way where exploitation of the multitudes by the very, very few is standard operating procedure… but in a way where there is so much all-interest that self-interest becomes obsolete?

What if the idea was protecting eachother and peace?