What if? What if Now is the Time?

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I wrote a response to NP a moment ago that brought me to a question.

What would a world without borders look like?

Not in the Neo-Con World Korp way the Uber-Elites are trying to make; not in a way where exploitation of the multitudes by the very, very few is standard operating procedure… but in a way where there is so much all-interest that self-interest becomes obsolete?

What if the idea was protecting eachother and peace?

I started speaking about Israel when the 40’s brought an influx of Jewish re-migrants. (Yes, I coined that because immigrant wasn’t quite right either)

What if, I asked, they had treated the Palestinians with so much love and respect, and made friends and allies, saying we will help you take care of this area, we will build a great life together, would they no longer live in fear, the fear that drives the violence?

Had we, in North America, absorbed more of the Natives ways as did the Spaniards, who in joining blood with the Natives became Mexicans unto themselves been better off?

(This is not to say the Spaniards don’t have a bloodthirsty history as conquerors at all; nor is to say that Mexico still isn’t as if not more segregated and abusive to the Native purebloods…but overall they took time to learn and absorb ways rather than eradicate them… I cannot possibly go into all of that history in this essay; but accept for the moment they absorbed more culture than we did.)

What if we came here, and instead of running the indigenous off, killing them, or making them comply without question to our rule; we came and asked to live and share and help, and be helped?

But the age of conquest was our teen years. Humanity was old enough to take the car, but not smart enough not to get into rumbles once we parked it.

I doubt there is any untouched lands anymore, none not satellite scanned daily. We had become young adults; adults looking to make our mark; make something for ourselves, prove ourselves and in the process are still thoughtless and greedy. The age of Iron, germs and Steel became the age of microchips and geo-thermal scanning. We were looking for resources to build with.

We made global yuppie asses of ourselves.

Now some of us are slowing down.

We are no longer young and bulletproof, we are not yet old, but at middle age want to take less chances, faced with our own mortality as a species.

Look at people in their 50’s starting to care about their neighborhoods running down, their offspring’s chances. You get way the fuck less selfish with age. Gated communities lose luster as  you start to want to walk the parks again. Sunrises and grandchildren get more important. But they still try and blame eachother. They hate the flaws in themselves, carry angst about their flaws and mistakes… and in their ego, have to point away.

I guess all things run their course, and as some have pointed out there are cycles well-researched in human development.

The are theories well-chronicled. I would love to read them all; haven’t the time as of yet. But you know, the Hopi’s (and others) kind of speak for me, with their natural progressions of different ages, deaths and rebirths.

We all climb out of the kiva, and we are all part of everything.

I want humanity to get wise and old.

You never see an old person refuse a child a lap or a hug, no matter whose child.

They get it.

Every day is a gift. Every human a wonder.

You get to a point with age, you not only forgive your own mistakes, you laugh and see the wonder of the human experience; amazed you made the journey and remembering your stumbles with equal affection as your triumphs.

You know that you are human, and can easily smile at another human stumbling along the path you walked. You can offer help, or you can offer the respect of none, for you remember that lessons come through living not telling.

Humanity has to get to past the Kiddie Klubhouse, the teen reckless, the young adult selfishness, the middle age angst… and start to see us all as ours. We need to be, both as little children (for theirs is the kingdom of heaven they say) who carry no grudges and live in the moment, or better yet; we need to become the sages. The ancient, the sages, remember and CHOOSE to live in the moment and carry no grudges.

I have called it the hundredth monkey moment many times, but all it is, is maturity.

Protect and love eachother. Know its short, precious, fragile.

No nations.

No wars.

Only love and protection for humans like us, trying to make their way… to learn, love, laugh and give………


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    • Diane G on June 4, 2008 at 01:33
    • Edger on June 4, 2008 at 03:47

    Nice ass! I mean…really nice ass!!

    That could get DD blocked by filters somewhere, couldn’t it? But it’s about time people grew up and started reading DD anyway… 😉

    • pico on June 4, 2008 at 07:00

    The Russian caption above the ass-map picture is a cute little pun.   It literally says “Locate your birthmark”, but the word “birthmark” has only one letter different from the word “homeland”.  


    (and of course, the crack falls right over Moscow)

  1. Really loved it.

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