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Pony Party…. Filling in

So, there I was one day last week, in a funk.  Nothing about the world was right. GWB and his rethugs were (are) still up to their dirty deeds plus all kinds of other things were just going wrong.  Decided to do something positive.. like maybe taking some time to wash out the bottles and cans for recycling.  Into the kitchen, up to my arms in soapy water.  Scrub, scrub.. ooh, getting things nice and squeaky clean.  Oh shit!  Sliced (gashed really) the hell out of my thumb on a tin can.  And it is bleeding like a stuck pig… I mean a LOT of blood.  Quickly pressed it with my other thumb and stuck both hands in the air.  Standing there saying, “Oh, this can’t be good.”  Slow bleeding enough to dial the phone … reach the mister.. “Get home NOW”.  Two minutes later he’s pulling down the driveway.  We look at it, it’s still bleeding but not gushing now.  Get it bandaged and put it back up in the air.  Discovered that it’s next to impossible to type one handed.. CAPITAL letters are a real problem.  Ok, time to go outside and sit down to watch the birds and chipmunks.  There I sat, under a tree, arm still in the air.  Suddenly felt something on my leg… A bird had shit all over it.  Started laughing like a fool.  It was then I realized just how stupid life can be and what my place in it really is… bird shit!    

Pony Party…. Filling in

So, last week I was having the worst kind of day… nothing was going right with the world and I was in a funk.  Decided to do something positive and was washing out glass bottles and tin cans for recycling. had just left and there I was washing away, getting that tin can shiny clean.. and surer than hell, sliced the bejesus out of my thumb.  Now this wasn’t a little slice, it was a gash and was bleeding like a stuck pig.  So, while standing in the kitchen muttering “This can’t be good” and with one thumb over the other to stop the bleeding (with both hands over my head) I realized I couldn’t dial the phone without the gushing starting again.  Well, finally managed to make a quick call to my honey..”Come home NOW.”  Anyway, home he comes on the double and we get the thing bandaged.

Pony Party with Poll!!

Once again the fall back person for the fall back person is stuck..oops, is doing

tonight’s PP.  So, since I’m not feeling well but am feeling obligated to fill

in how about we have some fun with this?!!  Shortly after this site opened to

the public (you and me) there was a poll about age.  Several interesting things

popped out.. If the FSM is watching over us (and if CLO is around) you just might find

some surprising things about folks here.  Please take the poll and if you’re

feeling open to it how about filling us in with a comment about your age and your

location if you’d like to share that info.

Revolution: Surgical Strike Political Cocktail Party



…just let me say this one more thing… start having political cocktail parties and start getting people thinking about our situation and perhaps this will also enlarge their world view


Have we started a list yet of all of the things that have to

be undone beginning next January????


Refresher paragraphs:

From an essay three weeks ago entitled The Revolution Started Yesterday.  Well YOU Started It!  Political Cocktail Party, I asked all of you enlightened Dharmites to discuss in the comments of that essay the things you feel could and should be addressed beginning Right Now in order to begin the undoing of all of the twisted and underhanded things that have been visited upon our country and the world by our Current Criminal Administration?.

In a follow up essay from two weeks ago entitled “Revolution: First Strike – Political Cocktail Party,” I asked all of you involved Dharmites to answer a poll regarding categories and the related issue items belonging to each category that we have identified as Action Items.

Last week, in Revolution: Next Strike  Political Cocktail Party  we got down to the granular level and actually polled the issues the YOU all decided were the most important for us as a group to get involved with OUTSIDE THE BLOG and here are the top three results from what YOU told us.

Pony Party ~ Better late than never

Have some Sweet Dreams

Looking for bodies in Boston….

Please be gentle with me… this is my first attempt at a diary.  So, keeping that

in mind what I’m looking for is Boston area bodies to join RUKind and me at Fanuil

Hall on May Day (May 1st) noonish.  We’d like to rattle some cages and yell louder

for our country.  OPOL has offered (well, really we begged him and he said yes to

shut us up) some of his wonderful art work and we’re going to have hand outs to

sprinkle about.  We’d love it if you’d join us…

More information will be coming soon but for right now we’d like some kind of an

idea of who’s willing/eager/interested in showing up.  As an added benefit you’ll

be able to view an actual DD YELL LOUDER tee shirt in person.