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Rant of the Week: Joe Scarborough – There Has To Be An Investigation

I am not a fan of Joe Scarborough, or “Morning Joe” as a whole, as he was an enabler of the Orange Traitor giving him a platform to spew his hateful agenda to destroy this country every time he called his show on MSNBC. Since then Joe has woken and smelled his coffee, realizing, but …

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Joe smacked down this Morning (VIDEO/POLL).

Wow. Max Blumenthal sticks it to him. I’m not sure if I have ever seen anyone rattle Joe this badly. Joe attacks him immediately when he comes out. Nobody else says a word through the whole thing.

“Well, we had small government conservatives in power for 8 years and… you guys failed, and we had an economic collapse as a result of your policies.”

I don’t know if I have ever seen Joe turned into such blathering mush in this way. So he brings the guy out, attacks him one on one, loses, and ends the segment. What a class act.

Smacked down hard on his own show. I hope Grayson lit a fire and we see a lot more of this. When it’s put straight to conservatives in this way, they have no response.  

Starbucks “FREE PASTRY” day?No way!

Facebook members may have noticed an ad on their homepage sidebar today. It’s a Starbucks invitation to a “free pastry” day, and clicking on it takes you to the Starbuck’s facebook page where you can RSVP whether you will be attending.

Ya, THAT Starbucks.


The one that recently (June 2009) became the most prominent sponsor of the “Morning Jo(k)e” with Jo(k)e Scarborough on MSNBC.

The funny Rethug mouthpiece who giggles into his STARBUCKS coffee cup about American torture. He thinks torture is a hoot, a frat boy prank, a useful tool, and is keeping ‘mericans safe.

Apparently, Starbucks does not disagree.

There Is No PERHAPS About It, Scarborough

On Morning Joe recently, host Joe Scarborough shocked the entire Netroots when he confessed, “Perhaps we don’t know what we’re talking about.”  For the first time in his long career of right wing hackery in Congress and on television, Scarborough almost told the truth . . .

Joe . . . Joe  . . . Joe . . . you were SO close!   Just one word away!  

The Issue is Black & White, and redundant. Separate but Equal = Bigot.

I just surfed past 30 seconds of Morning Joe Scarborough Country and heard Joe Mika and Pat all whine:

as soon as someone who’s against gay marriage is called a bigot, the conversation is over.  Oh the humanity, it’s so awful, if you are a conservative Christian who believes in traditional marriage you’re a bigot, oh my Gosh this is so terrible, to be labeled a bigot!

Nodding heads all around the table.