There Is No PERHAPS About It, Scarborough

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On Morning Joe recently, host Joe Scarborough shocked the entire Netroots when he confessed, “Perhaps we don’t know what we’re talking about.”  For the first time in his long career of right wing hackery in Congress and on television, Scarborough almost told the truth . . .

Joe . . . Joe  . . . Joe . . . you were SO close!   Just one word away!  

I’ve never been a big fan of Zbigniew Brzezinski, but he nailed it when he told Scarborough a few weeks ago, “”You know, you have such a stunningly superficial knowledge of what went on that it’s almost embarrassing to listen to you.”

That statement applies to damn near every “journalist”, pundit, commentator, anchor, and host on cable and network political and news programs.  They have stunningly superficial knowledge, it’s embarrassing to listen to them, they do not know what they’re talking about.  

Consequently, I firmly believe it would be in the public interest if Congress passed the Help America Think Act and President Obama signed it into law.  This law would require the following disclaimer to be flashed in big red letters on the screen before these programs and “newscasts” begin:

The broadcasters of your area in voluntary cooperation

with Federal, State and local authorities have developed this warning

to inform you about the stunningly embarrassing ignorance of the people

you are about to see.  They have never known what they are talking about

and they never will.  

Thank you and have a nice day.

Your friends at the FCC.  

This helpful message from the FCC should continue scrolling across the bottom of the screen during the entire duration of the program, and should be accompanied by warning beeps every time a Republican appears and begins uttering absolute bullshit.  

Please call your congressmen and senators today, and ask them to support the Help America Think Act.  Thank you, you may now resume your normal blogging activities.


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  1. have been letting idiots like Scarborough, Hannity, O’Rielly, and crew do their thinking for them–even though, “perhaps they don’t know what they’re talking about”.  

    Too many Americans have had an electronic lobotomy, including almost 100% of Fox “news” viewers, thanks to the Punditocracy.  I’ll plan to call the critters tomorrow & ask them to support the Help America Think Act, but first I’ll have to watch Morning Joe, to see what he thinks about it…  

  2. is an NBC affiliate.  On Sunday morning, after MTP, they run a disclaimer that “the following program may air views not shared by this station” or some such nonsense.

    What is the show that gets the disclaimer?  A public interest program about PA state issues.  Why issue the disclaimer?  The PA interest show actually has some intelligence behind it…

  3. 34. Joe Scarborough

    Charges: An incredulous, squinting brat, who’s turned “Morning Joe” into the “My Super Sweet Sixteen” of cable news, Scarborough has a decent shot at being named the world’s largest toddler by Guinness. He treats his MSNBC coworkers with less professional courtesy than the dead intern found in his congressional office (“Mika, don’t make me backhand you”).Between tantrums, Scarborough provided a litany of partisan misinformation and deliberate misquotations this year, claiming that Obama was the most liberal member of the Senate and would raise taxes on everyone, that McCain called for Rumsfeld’s resignation, never changed his immigration policies and had no association with hatemongers on the religious right. Joe’s immaturity is also apparent in his cartoonishly simplistic take on the American electorate, whom he purports to know intimately, ostensibly by way of his own bigotry.

    He’s a right wing tool and when he was told that he is stunningly ignorant all he could muster was: “I guess I’ve been told…”.

    As long as he’s surrounded by agreeing sycophants he allows himself the illusion that he is intelligent.

    How do these people get elected in the first place?

  4. Digby:

    “If one of the duties of journalism is to educate the public about complicated issues, you would think a crisis like this would have a stable of economists rather than political hitmen and village gossips discussing the issue. But, they don’t.”


    A Media Matters study of Sunday talk shows and 12 cable news programs from January 25 through February 8 found that few economists have been given time on television to talk about the economic recovery plan. During 139 1/2 hours of programming in which the economic recovery legislation was discussed, economists made 25 guest appearances out of a total of 460 — only 5 percent.

  5. the most ancient of CIA black bag projects like mockingbird and mkultra have always endured as projects leading to our current media vacuum which exists today!

    Preception management for your proles at a bargain price!

    Looks like they did in fact succeed!


    I shall however look into the Help America Think Act just to see how/if it comes from “the Illuminati”.

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