Rant of the Week: Joe Scarborough – There Has To Be An Investigation

I am not a fan of Joe Scarborough, or “Morning Joe” as a whole, as he was an enabler of the Orange Traitor giving him a platform to spew his hateful agenda to destroy this country every time he called his show on MSNBC. Since then Joe has woken and smelled his coffee, realizing, but not admitting, he screwed up. Over recent months and since the outcome of the November 3rd election, he has become more and more vocal about the the Orange Traitor’s transgressions and, now obviously, crimes. Joe has even resigned from the Republican Party. So, I will give him this honor of being the guest of Rant of the Week for absolutely getting it right.

U.S. Capitol ransacked after massive security failure

The U.S. Capitol descended into chaos and violence Wednesday as hundreds of pro-Trump rioters swarmed the building. Joe Scarborough says there has to be an investigation into the massive security failure.