Joe smacked down this Morning (VIDEO/POLL).

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Wow. Max Blumenthal sticks it to him. I’m not sure if I have ever seen anyone rattle Joe this badly. Joe attacks him immediately when he comes out. Nobody else says a word through the whole thing.

“Well, we had small government conservatives in power for 8 years and… you guys failed, and we had an economic collapse as a result of your policies.”

I don’t know if I have ever seen Joe turned into such blathering mush in this way. So he brings the guy out, attacks him one on one, loses, and ends the segment. What a class act.

Smacked down hard on his own show. I hope Grayson lit a fire and we see a lot more of this. When it’s put straight to conservatives in this way, they have no response.  

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  1. he and his would be Torquemanda ass can eat my ass. Glad to see a sweet smackdown of this dipshit

  2. But I don’t agree that Obama can’t govern with a Just Say No GOP.  

    I for one hope the Republicans keep promoting their own irrelevancy.  It helps Progressives when they do.

  3. There’s no mention of party affiliation. They’ve changed the classic red and blue color scheme and have taken the eagles off the signs.

    The only hint that it’s a Republican candidate is that the fine print still occasionally says “Vote Row B”.

    It’s beautiful to see. They’re so ashamed of who they are that now they have to hide it on their campaign signs!

    When you have to lie about who you are, you’ve already lost!

  4. Here’s a smackdown:

    Joe Scarborough – Pelosi is far left.

    Me: Uh-huh, and what exactly has Pelosi done that is “far” left?

    Joe: Well, there was that stimulus package …

    Me: You mean the one that was loaded with tax cuts for the wealthy, which is right-wing position, which didn’t return nearly as many taxpayer dollars to the states as were needed to re-invest in infrastructure, and which so far has failed precisely because it didn’t do enough to get people back to work or provide any system of accountability for how large corporations used those tax breaks?  What exactly was “far” left about that?

    Joe: …

    Something along those lines.  See, Scarborough likes to talk up bipartisanship, but just like every other right-wing extremist, his belief (if such it may be called) is that bipartisanship only run in one direction – Democrats doing what Republicans tell them to do, which is to aid them in dismantling the Constitution, the New Deal, the Progressive Era reforms, pretty much anything and everything that helps people and provides for a free nation.

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