NPI-Negative Productivity Initiative

The Illuminati boards are already discussing ways the US depression will best serve the interests of the 300 globalist parasites at the very top of the food chain.  Not seen nor heard of are the lesser know negative productivity factors of Sarbanes Oxley and it’s ugly global cousin “anti public corruption compliance”.  In the wake of Enron in the US and Siemens in Euorpe clueless clods in “government” made “reforms”.  What they really did is make negative productivity and collosal waste.  Remember with parasites running things it’s not about making good for mankind, it’s about CONTROL of mankind.

I have been told the initiation of a new R&D project in Europe requires 45 signatures and is currently taking about an entire year.  Here in the US that number is slightly lower and since we are far smaller the approval signatures are less.  It has just about halted new product development.

The other waste factor is bidding and quotes.  For the most part this can be done electronically with the continuing threat of pinhead accountants backed by lawyers every project must be drawn up just like a complete business plan.

We have to lie about hours needed to complete(duh, it’s research, we have no idea)  Pricing of every expense comes with a quote plus four pages of legalese terms.  Since we generally use the same vendors purchasing has already negotiated the terms yet several people have deforested an acre before it’s all done.  Quotes can come in vastly different electronic formats so after wasting five pages of paper the top page with the price then has to be scanned into pdf format.  Why, because that is today’s format for computer input.  Tomorrow IT may change that(and delay the project).

NAFTA, at work we call it Shafta.  What NAFTA does to a global company is amazing.  You NAFTA guys get to play in Canada, US and Mexico and we get THE REST OF THE WORLD.  Sounds “fair” right?  It has created the virtual Iron Curtain this Shafta thing has dividing the world into two regions based upon different laws.

Not exlusive to America, Europe has also had business corruption scandals and these have also given rise to more Orwellian sounding obscurely worded laws.

One of the “compliance” directives specifically says.

Employees may be held liable for damages to the company.

Nothing like owning your employees.

And I’m sure you are all up to speed on your current global complicance issues right?  It’s buried in the network somewhere.  In total I have to guess Sourpuss Oxley costs the US trillions in business delays, lost productivity, and more inferior products.  An egalitarian engineer, seeking to make a better mousetrap now has to “get it by the beancounters”.  It is next to impossible though to explain stuff to people with their heads buried in their asses.

If you happen to be psychic and know your party’s extension, please dial it now!

US depression….hello North American Union.  Wait for it, watch for it, they have already baited the hook by suggesting a “renegotiation of NAFTA”.