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An Occupy Wall Street Starving Artist Protest Artwork Sale

Hello Docudharma. You may recognize me from the GOS and if you do you will know that I can do battle(like buhdy used to and I miss his writing as well but all hail TheMomCat anyway whom is awesome) and I can write diaries which I will try to cross post more but for now I have only been inspired by OWS for good reason. Electoral politics is useless and worthless in the age of Obama and sellout Democrats who all voted to keep the filibuster for the most part, for Dolecare, and D- financial reform keeping TBTF with in inadequate stimulus to boot.

I am writing this diary for you because even though you may not be able to afford any of these as we are all broke these days, I figured I would appeal to you anyway just in case as I am now selling OWS protest T-shirts at CafePress showing my original illustrations that other have persuaded me to share in this way. It’s certainly not because I’m going to get rich or really profit much because off of this(though I have donated some of these pieces to Occupy Houston for free) as most of the money goes into making the shirt with my artwork on it, but I am somewhat proud of these pieces I have done while being inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement. here is my latest and best. I don’t know if I will be able to top this iconic image which kind of sucks, but I think that’s a good accomplishment.


S02E08: The Situation in Libya

cross-posted from Main Street Insider

We gave you a sneak preview of this episode on Thursday. This week we examine the details of the no-fly zone over Libya established on March 17th. Though there has been wide speculation about what is not allowed under this resolution, the truth is that the only thing expressly forbidden is an occupation. After that, any action that the Security Council deems necessary to protect civilians or benefit the Libyan people could be approved.

GRITtv with guest Michael Moore: People Power

No need to say much as to an intro to this discussion, they, as usual, do a great job.

One thing I would like to say is that  think Keith would be doin great if he picked up Laura and gave her a spot on the rebuild of that Gore and company TV Station.

She’s always done a great job when doing radio, her books, and now with this GRITtv venture, though to a to small an audience and Rachel’s still under contract to MSNBC.

Tweets from the front: ‘Iran is on fire’

The revolution may not be televised, but it will be Twittered.

Right now, people in Iran are fighting and dying for their freedom:

IRAN is on fire! ppl are fighting in ALL CITIES for their VOTE and against the DICTATORSHIP! #iranelection,RT pls

# sources from Tehran: ppl are killed, ppl are in blood, tehran is hell. #iranelection #cnnfail15 minutes ago from web

“sadatabad, tehran. violent street battles between Basij and people. cars on fire.” @iran09 #Iranelection

RT @StopAhmadi It’s getting rough in Rasht tonight. Armed forces waiting for ppl to make their move to beat them #IranElection

There is fight in Shiraz between people and police in Mollasadra, Sinama Sadi and other down town streets. #iranelection

Hospitals around Tehran surrounded by secret police who refuse to let people with injuries get through, humanity at its worst #iranelection

It is near morning there now, and the regime appears to have spent last night, among other things, attacking university dorms in Tehran and elsewhere:

all university’s own security and personnel already evacuated by police, there are only us students in here right now. #iranelection

@mohamadreza: they push ppl & students into the dorms then throw tear gas, sometimes attacking them with anything they have

@IranRiggedElect sources: “tear gas in the dorm. It’s un-uniformed police and riot guards. at least 100 students arrested.”#iranelectionabout 2 hours ago from web

to other sources: this isn’t the police! police is still outside! we’re under attack by Ansar-Hezbolah. #iranelection

@Change_for_Iran:typing as fastest as I can in bth English&Farsi,Still we need outside help,I really don’t want to be captured by Ansar

@Change_for_Iran: some students with urgent need of medical attention calling out to all ppl who can help don’t leave us #iranelection

They attacked protestors students in Guilan university. Blood and violence here… #IranElection

unconfirm: Shooting @ Tehran Univ. Dorm. Militia has attacked the student like 8 years ago

Friend: 17 y/o killed infront of me couldn’t get to him in time guards beating us up went to hospital but he stopped moving #iranelection

Students:”50 of our friends are in jail now. We were beaten. We expect Mousavi to stand up to this,we support him” #iranelection

The students and others are fighting back:

eyewitness: It’s 3am in Iran and ppl are still fighting on the streets. #iranelection #cnnfail

Guards are Shootings in Tehran and Police car being attack by protesters …

is there any end to police’s motorcycles?! how much more we should burn?! #iranelection

@iran09 best way to #counter-attack the riders: carry some MOTOR OIL! http://tinyurl.com/nz43zg #iranelection

@Ghattavi students hold two militias as hostage, loads of motor oil is spread on the streets [to make bikers slip]

Hackers toolkit for taking down Iranian propaganda websites. VERY EASY TO USE: http://sharebee.com/31922799 #iranelection

wwowowowowo!!!!! IRIB.ir id down!!!! #iranelection #WeWin #cyberattack

Mousavi has called for a demonstration tomorrow @ 4:00 pm (7:30 am EST) followed by a general strike on Tuesday.  The regime says the demonstration is illegal and there are reports of Revolutionary Guard tanks moving into the capital.  No one doubts what is at stake:

4pm all across IRAN RT @persiankiwi tomorrow we march. Will biggest in world history. 10 mill march tomorrow.

@flashpolitique we are moving either toward a north korean style dictatorship or a more open and democratic society

black joke:”George Orwell has requested to change his book’s name from 1984 to 1388.”(it’s year 1388 in iran. calendar) #iranelection

Stay tuned….

The Great Betrayal

For 40 years I have been told be patient, work within the system, elect more Democrats.  In all that time I have seen few victories and most of those merely symbolic (ooh, they increased the minimum rage by 15 cents an hour), and these anemic victories have been overwhelmed by the horrendous losses the American people have suffered time and time again.  There has been a steady erosion of our Constitutional rights, economic inequality has increased, the working poor and the middleclass have been robbed at every turn by the filthy rich and our government has become more corrupt, more warlike and more evil.  We now openly torture our prisoners and publicly argue that it is our right to do so.


Pony Party Uprising@4 PST


I know, I know, I’m completely out of control.

Can someone explain this explanation to me?

Why a plane that left the gate 20 minutes late, arrives 48 minutes late:


Arrival delay calculation based on comparing actual gate time with scheduled gate time.

Departure delay calculation based on comparing actual gate time with scheduled gate time.

To see all the data we have for this flight view Extended Details  




K thx

Also, MEN, in case you missed this healthy food update:


Sadly, blueberries seem to be the priority here.

On with the pointless essay.  So, I have Chopin as my ringtone on my cellphone because the other options are really bad, plus the chicks really dig it.  So, after about a year and a half, I was wondering which hot Chopin tune it was.  Searching you-tube I saw this.  

Richter plays Chopin Revolutionary Etude

HOLY FUCK!  I lost interest in what ringtone I had.

(and a great exchange in the comments)

ReleaseTheMuppet (1 month ago) Show Hide +27   Marked as spam Reply Chopin woulda been pleased with that.

mctipi (3 weeks ago) Show Hide  -6   Marked as spam Reply Oh yeah? you knew him?

ReleaseTheMuppet (3 weeks ago) Show Hide +11   Marked as spam Reply yes and he wants you to go fk yerself...


A friend of mine has The Turtles Happy Together on their cell, so I promised to put that here too….via Robyn


so, what is this Etude thingy  about?