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David Sirota’s Distant Early Warning About Obama

David Sirota

As far as I know, the very first writer who really nailed Obama was David Sirota, in October, 2007, when he was virtually the only reporter who picked up an item from MSNBC about Obama endorsing FTA-Peru, even though 4,000,000 Peruvian farmers and workers had gone out on a general strike against it, and the “labor and environmental standards” which Obama celebrated were obviously bogus.

And Sirota also reminded dozing progressives and liberals that Obama had been “the keynote speaker at the launch of the Hamilton Project — a Wall Street front group working to drive a wedge between Democrats and organized labor on globalization issues.”

So David Sirota did his due diligence, while the rest of the media recited horse-race trivia from the polls, and here we are.

“Finally!”: Paradigm Changing Friday

Do the five day drag once more,

Know of nothing else that bugs me

More than working for the rich man,

Hey I’ll change that scene one day,

Today I might be mad,

Tomorrow I’ll be glad,

I’ve got Friday on my mind

I know I should be mortified by the lobbyist-organized mobs of angry Brooks Brothers mannequins who are now making headlines by shutting down congressional town hall meetings. I know I should be despondent during this, the Khaki Pants Offensive in the Great American Health Care and Tax War. And yet, I’m euphorically repeating one word over and over again with a big grin on my face.


Finally, there’s no pretense. Finally, the Me-First, Forget-Everyone-Else Crowd’s ugliest traits are there for all to behold.

— David Sirota, Friday, August 07, 2009, The Me-First, Forget-Everyone-Else Crowd

Pony Party Uprising@4 PST


I know, I know, I’m completely out of control.

Can someone explain this explanation to me?

Why a plane that left the gate 20 minutes late, arrives 48 minutes late:


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Also, MEN, in case you missed this healthy food update:


Sadly, blueberries seem to be the priority here.

On with the pointless essay.  So, I have Chopin as my ringtone on my cellphone because the other options are really bad, plus the chicks really dig it.  So, after about a year and a half, I was wondering which hot Chopin tune it was.  Searching you-tube I saw this.  

Richter plays Chopin Revolutionary Etude

HOLY FUCK!  I lost interest in what ringtone I had.

(and a great exchange in the comments)

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A friend of mine has The Turtles Happy Together on their cell, so I promised to put that here too….via Robyn


so, what is this Etude thingy  about?  

What Ever Became of Democracy?

In looking back at the Bush debacle, one thing stands out.  It would never have happened, at least not so blatantly and egregiously, had there been a healthy opposition party in America.  Up until 2000 there was at least the illusion of the Democrats as a party in opposition to the Republicans, however ineffective.  And the Republicans, though always venal, have never been so nakedly predatory, never so in-your-face ‘I’m going to take your shit and you’re going to like it’, never so openly disdainful of the Constitution and the law.  Somewhere along the line, the notion of the Democrats as the voice of sanity counter-balancing Republican lunacy has become just so much political vaporware.  What happened?    


Chronicling The Uprising: An Interview With David Sirota


The topic below was originally posted on my blog, the Intrepid Liberal Journal and cross-posted at Progressive Historians, the Wild Wild Left, The Peace Tree, the Independent Bloggers Alliance and Worldwide Sawdust.

The centrifugal force in American politics today is the establishment’s failure to deliver prosperity and security. In 2006, Americans voted for a change of direction in Iraq and economic policies at home. Instead, President Bush’s “surge” in Iraq was enabled by a feckless congress as fuel prices soared, the cost of healthcare kept spiraling out of control and corporate CEOs continued to enjoy the benefits of a twenty-first century Gilded Age. Senseless privatization, predatory crony capitalism, political corruption, incompetence and corporate greed have combined to put the American Dream out of reach for people who work hard and play by the rules.

It’s Also the Congress, Stupid

David Sirota has a very interesting article in the February edition of In These Times. It is also available for viewing online.

While I don’t agree with everything he says in it I think it is a good point to bring up and a fascinating article. In it he talks about why “Empowering Capitol Hill progressives is just as important as presidental campaign platforms.”

It is a good start to the broader discussion of what the end results of each canidate would be. A discussion that should not only include congress and platforms but also electoral coattails and working style among other things. But those will have to later. In this essay I will just be focusing on the arguments Sirota makes.