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Pony Party Uprising@4 PST


I know, I know, I’m completely out of control.

Can someone explain this explanation to me?

Why a plane that left the gate 20 minutes late, arrives 48 minutes late:


Arrival delay calculation based on comparing actual gate time with scheduled gate time.

Departure delay calculation based on comparing actual gate time with scheduled gate time.

To see all the data we have for this flight view Extended Details…

K thx

Also, MEN, in case you missed this healthy food update:…

Sadly, blueberries seem to be the priority here.

On with the pointless essay.  So, I have Chopin as my ringtone on my cellphone because the other options are really bad, plus the chicks really dig it.  So, after about a year and a half, I was wondering which hot Chopin tune it was.  Searching you-tube I saw this.  

Richter plays Chopin Revolutionary Etude

HOLY FUCK!  I lost interest in what ringtone I had.

(and a great exchange in the comments)

ReleaseTheMuppet (1 month ago) Show Hide +27   Marked as spam Reply Chopin woulda been pleased with that.

mctipi (3 weeks ago) Show Hide  -6   Marked as spam Reply Oh yeah? you knew him?

ReleaseTheMuppet (3 weeks ago) Show Hide +11   Marked as spam Reply yes and he wants you to go fk yerself...


A friend of mine has The Turtles Happy Together on their cell, so I promised to put that here too….via Robyn…

so, what is this Etude thingy  about?  

Pony Party: Hot Flashes

Hi gang, anything happen while I was gone?  

I need to stretch those atrophied blog-muscles, so here’s a melange of things to ignore before going straight to comments.

Tucson weather forecast:…

Hot flashes underreported and linked to forgetfulness

well, duh, they just forgot to report them.…

More importantly

Flash & The Pan

Pony Pee

This Tuesday Pony Party is brought to you by Liquid Gold…

Our music is provided by Green Milk from the Planet Orange.

A Review that I thought was a parody of music reviews.  Maybe not.

Green is the colour of my true love’s milk.…

The myspace:

Bloggers with pets and small children may not want to play any of these at full volume.  Or half volume.  Or at all..  

These are all somewhat lengthy.  Some start slowly.

Do not rec the Pony Party!


Although I suspect there’s only a few that would.

I don’t suppose it’ll take much to encourage you to read the Front Page, Recommended Essays, and anything else you can find.

Oh, a Special Comment:  I won’t be able to do the Pony Party next Tuesday the 27th because I’ll be moving to a different gutter, and probably won’t have the intertubes cleared that day.  so if anyone wants to PINCH HIT get in touch with pfiore8 or RiaDor better yet, a bunch of people just start posting essays with Pony in the title at 6:00 Eastern, 3:00 Pacific next Tuesday.  If you don’t, masslass might end up doing it, and nobody really wants that.

Wronging Party-Update 6

Never been ‘wronged’?  Never had a comment hidden?


Ratings Abuse-R-Ustm

Bwahahaah, come to the dark side……

Indulge that suppressed non-excellentness

As much as is possible, cliques and packs and gangs formed for rating purposes will not be allowed.

from FAQ…

Southern Culture on the Skids

Camel Walk

Please Rec. this because I need you to. Please please please please please.

The Front Page is Full of Lies!

Update-  You didn’t think I was gonna post more than one comment did you?

Update 2 – bwahahaha

Update 3 – Whassamatta too good to vote in the goddamn poll?

Update 4  pfiore8, tahoebasha3, and RiaD rec’d this ….that is soooooooooo WRONG

Update 5  – Don’t make any especially clever comments, ’cause this baby is going bye bye

Update 6 –  Somebody is adding tags (OTB?) and they’re too good to delete just yet.

                   (yes, I spit beer)

Pon ye ye

I’m fine!  There, that’s out of the way.

Our journey today takes us from In Grid to Sugar Blue.

From the ‘Be careful what you click on Department’

An Italian Pop-Soul Singer covers Dylan in Warsaw:

Okay, so that’s not too good, an enthusiastic, but possibly really, really drunk crowd…..but I got curious, she’s very popular in Poland…

So then you see one that says:  I Was a Ye Ye Girl.

Move to the ‘What’s New is Old Department’

(In Related Videos , there’s also Dracula Ye Ye  and Egyptian Reggae, but I’m trying to stay focused here on the Ye Ye Phenomenon)

Yé-yé was a style of pop music that emerged out of France and Québec in the early 1960s. Yeye means young, innocent, and cute.

le snip premier

The yeye movement had its origins in the radio programme “Salut les copains”, created by Lucien Morisse and hosted by Daniel Philippacci, which was first aired in December 1959. This program became an immediate success and one of its sections (“le chouchou de la semaine” / “this week’s sweetheart”) turned to be the starting point for most yeye singers. Any song that was presented as a chouchou went straight to the first places in the charts.

le snip deuxieme

Gainsbourg called France Gall the French Lolita, and, wanting to check to which extent her innocence was real, composed for her the song “Les sucettes” (“Lollipops”): “Annie loves lollipops, aniseed lollipops, when the sweet liquid runs down Annie’s throat, she is in paradise “. It is amazing to think that not even that video (with all those giant penis-like sucettes dancing around) rang a bell for poor France! She was finally told of the double meaning of the song and that is when her yeye period finished… Her innocence was gone and it took her some 5 years to sing again, now with a completely different style.

le snip troisieme

As mentioned above, the yeye movement was led by female singers, but that does not mean that there were not any yeye guys.

Link to France Gall doing Les sucettes due to content.…

DO NOT REC THIS   Go re-read ucc and get really horny, then come back.

Pony Polish Prince

RiaD is off (again), going to some High Society…  Art Show. So no T.I.T.A.S.S. today.

& its a dinner honoring artists (my girl! w00t!) whose work is being displayed at the opera house…. whatthehell do you wear to that?

Robyn suggested I wear fresh road-kill & tammy faye type make-up in order to fit in with the high society crowd!…

but she actually will wear:

My girl & her BFF bought me a dress! (it kinda looks like a nightgown to me)

it’s got spaghetti straps, is ankle length, beige with a black print that looks like bubbles and swirls (a lot at the bottom & gradually less as it goes up)

& strappy black sandals! & my hair up.

O & NO sox

On to the Party!  What are YOU wearing to celebrate the work of The Polish Prince?

another h/t to robyn  for this……

Bobby Vinton has been called  “the most successful love singer of the ‘Rock-Era'” . (BILLBOARD MAGAZINE) Starting with his first hit release ” Roses Are Red” in 1962 through 1972  (10 years) he had more #1 records than any other solo male artist. (BILLBOARD  MAGAZINE)

Born Stanley Robert Vintula, Jr. in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania (near Pittsburgh), he was the only child of a locally popular bandleader, Stan Vinton (Stanley Vintula, Sr.).

At 16, Vintula formed his first band, which played clubs around the Pittsburgh area. With the money he earned, he helped finance his college education at Duquesne University, where he studied music and graduated with a degree in musical composition. While at Duquesne, he became proficient on all of the instruments in the band: piano, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, drums and oboe.

Vinton’s birthplace of Canonsburg, Pennsylvania is also the birth place of Perry Como. Vinton has been honored by his hometown with a major thoroughfare Bobby Vinton Boulevard. Canonsburg town fathers had plans to erect a statue in his honor, but Vinton vetoed the idea noting that the $100,000 planned cost could go to far more important town needs.…

The Book…

I suspect that this one is not in danger of being recommended, but don’t even think about it.     If I have to remind you that there’s a Front Page with good stuff on it, well, I gotta wonder about your prioroties.    Mission Accomplished!

Poa Party : Grass for the Ponies

It seem to me there was Bluegrass around here more recently than September, but I couldn’t find it.   Come to think of it,I can’t even remember who I’m subbing for on Tuesdays.  Also, a promo for Thursday, since RiaD , after one week on, is going to ….something ….maybe one of these…  or a graduation or something.  Anyway, it will be very special.  

Why bluegrass…

The inflorescence


Taxonomic controversy (Abstract)

More than almost anyone wants to know.…

Beginning Lesson

There is some GREAT STUFF on the FRONT PAGE.  

NEWS, ANALYSIS, INSPIRATION, HUMOR, (not counting RiaD’s joke)


Go fucking read some of it you Giggling Neo-Fascist Liverals!!

and, if you please, don’t rec this.

Pony Parthian

Tonight’s Party is brought to you by Unitary Moonbat, who came up with this pun:

where tonight we’ll take a last look – a Parthian shot, if you will – at the recent history of Iran.…

So, in honor of the Unitary Moonbat a little look back at a lesser known singer.

I first heard of Ella Mae Morse when I was getting into Boogie Woogie Piano and listened to some Freddie Slack.……

by the way, the EMM  entry mentions Nick Tosches.  Amazing stuff. Highly recommended  The fiction book In the Hand of Dante is kinda pedantic, well no, it’s EXTREMELY pedantic, but amazing nonetheless.  My favorite is probably Where Dead Voices Gather…

A tribute to Ella Mae…

Cow Cow Boogie was her first big hit, but I don’t care for it, so I’m not going to link to it.  It may have been named for Cow Cow Davenport…

who could really bang the ivories, and his Cow Cow Blues  has nothing to do with cows.…

His other classic is State Street Jive

Also, ya gotta love this:

Davenport learned to play piano and organ in his father’s church from his mother who was the organist and it looked like he was going to follow in the family footsteps until he was expelled from the Alabama Theological Seminary in 1911 for playing Ragtime at a church function.

Back to Ella Mae

I like this one.  Can’t really say why, it’s kinda schlocky too.  Oh well.

House of Blue Lights w/jive

You may tip Ella Mae, but do not recommend this Pony Party.

There are many excellent Earth Day Essays, along with other great work on the Front Page, read one or two if you haven’t already, then feel free to come back and boogie.

On a side note, I was given  the secret Turing Test code, but ya’know, fuck it, who cares.

Pony pARTSy

RiaD is still recuperating from the Andromeda Strain, and doesn’t yet have the stamina to undertake the weighty responsibility of a full-fledged Evening Pony Party, so, since I’m a Trust Fund Guy

(trust that funds will come in eventually) and still have a lot of free time, I am once again filling-in for T.I.T.A.S.S.

We of the O.O.T.L.E. (Out of Touch Liberal Elite) that control the Left Wing, often look to the Arts to sooth our troubled souls. Sometimes by setting up

a Foundation  or a Fellowship.  Sometimes by starting a a museum, or prize, or school, named for us.  Here we tend to focus on writing and computer graphics, so lets take some time to consider some others.  

Currently however, funding is pretty tight, so instead of money, we offer an alternative form of support.   Once the Democrats control The White House, we are certain that a new era of peace and prosperity will ensue.  In the meantime, we encourage the everday working class to take some time out in between your three part-time jobs and delve into the world of the Arts so that you’ll have some skills, and maybe some projects finished, by the time we’re donating money again.  

There are many resources availabe for such endeavors, but we choose You Tube, well, because embedding videos is easy, and it’s FREE.  

From Oregon PBS – drawing

Enjoy learning!  

But DO NOT recommend this.  Instead , go to the Front Page for some inspiration.

The rest of the videos will be of reduced size, but remember that if you double-click they will open in a new window and you can begin your new career as a starving artist.…

Powny Party

Need a break?

This has nothing to do with todays topic, but I thought it was pretty cool.  Click on the note to enlarge.


On with the show.

Pony Partial-Tones

Once again filling in for RiaD’s T.I.T.A.S.S.  (Thurdays I Think About Stupid Stuff—- for the libidinous n00bs)

RiaD is obviously still not 100%, having only posted 4 Essays and made 233 comments since her return Mar. 30th.  Rest and Eat dear Ria.  

So,anyway, I had been planning to take a bunch of cheap shots at this:

but my friend, we’ll call him Bill, received another shipment of vinyl.  In it was an album by The Monks.

So Meg and her fan will have to wait.

Introducing The Monks

Gary Burger: Lead guitar, lead vocalist

Larry Clark: Organ, vocalist

Dave Day: Banjo (initially rhythm guitar), vocalist (died January 10, 2008)

Eddie Shaw: Bass guitar, vocalist

Roger Johnston: Drums, vocalist (died November 8, 2004)

All the members were American GIs stationed in Germany in the mid-sixties. They began playing together in 1964, calling themselves the 5 Torquays. The Torquays differed little from countless other bands of the time: They covered Chuck Berry songs and played music inspired by the British beat groups. But the band experimented together musically – Gary Burger said:

“It probably took us a year to get the sound right. We experimented all the time. A lot of the experiments were total failures and some of the songs we worked on were terrible. But the ones we kept felt like they had something special to them. And they became more defined over time.”…

Maybe can’t quote from the official site.…

This will not be pleasing to everyone.

The Monk Chant


How To Do Now

Shaw told me in a 2003 interview. “Our crowd was a harder crowd, so to speak. We’d play that song very sarcastically, and the whole audience would sing, ‘I want to fuck your hand.'”…

Pony Patton

I got nuthin’ but Charley Patton tunes.  If you can’t quite make out the words, it’s not you, it’s Charley.…

There is only one known photo of CP, and some people have doubts that it is CP.……

Revenue Man

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