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S02E08: The Situation in Libya

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We gave you a sneak preview of this episode on Thursday. This week we examine the details of the no-fly zone over Libya established on March 17th. Though there has been wide speculation about what is not allowed under this resolution, the truth is that the only thing expressly forbidden is an occupation. After that, any action that the Security Council deems necessary to protect civilians or benefit the Libyan people could be approved.

UN Security Council Resolution 1973

cross-posted from Main Street Insider

There has been a lot of talk in recent days about just what exactly is allowed under the United Nations Security Council resolution issuing a no-fly zone over Libya. We want to make sure everyone has a clear grasp of what this resolution, S/Res/1973 (2011), actually does, so we are giving a sneak preview of next week’s episode by releasing the one-page summary. The video for this episode will be available on Monday.