GRITtv with guest Michael Moore: People Power

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No need to say much as to an intro to this discussion, they, as usual, do a great job.

One thing I would like to say is that  think Keith would be doin great if he picked up Laura and gave her a spot on the rebuild of that Gore and company TV Station.

She’s always done a great job when doing radio, her books, and now with this GRITtv venture, though to a to small an audience and Rachel’s still under contract to MSNBC.

Michael Moore: People Still Have the Power

March 1 2011 – “This is a movement that is not going to stop,” says filmmaker Michael Moore of the uprising in Madison, Wisconsin (and across the country–all 50 states held solidarity rallies this weekend). “I knew sooner or later people would say they’ve had enough.”

Michael joins Laura in studio for part one of a two-part conversation about the war on working people in America. He notes that it started in 1981 with Reagan’s attack on the air traffic controllers, and it’s mostly targeted the poor, as with Clinton’s welfare reform. But the attacks on middle class families have finally reached a point where people aren’t going to take it anymore.

Part Two: Michael Moore: Acknowledging Working People

March 2nd, 2011

“You essentially entered into a contract with the corporate clsss–if you work hard, you will be rewarded. Now it’s you work hard, the company prospers, and you lose your job,” says Michael Moore.  It’s time to return to a place where working people are treated with respect and honor in this country, Michael argues, from the Academy Awards to the schools our children attend.

In part two of our special interview with the Oscar-winning filmmaker, Laura chats with him about the solutions to the vast wealth inequality, the good and bad at this year’s Oscar ceremony, and why it’s important for the Left to remember their sense of humor.


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  1. I am a BIG fan of Michael Moore!  I just plain love the guy!  In his easy, layed back style, he just tells it like it is!  

    I had seen the 1st part and thanks for ALL here!

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