An Occupy Wall Street Starving Artist Protest Artwork Sale

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Hello Docudharma. You may recognize me from the GOS and if you do you will know that I can do battle(like buhdy used to and I miss his writing as well but all hail TheMomCat anyway whom is awesome) and I can write diaries which I will try to cross post more but for now I have only been inspired by OWS for good reason. Electoral politics is useless and worthless in the age of Obama and sellout Democrats who all voted to keep the filibuster for the most part, for Dolecare, and D- financial reform keeping TBTF with in inadequate stimulus to boot.

I am writing this diary for you because even though you may not be able to afford any of these as we are all broke these days, I figured I would appeal to you anyway just in case as I am now selling OWS protest T-shirts at CafePress showing my original illustrations that other have persuaded me to share in this way. It’s certainly not because I’m going to get rich or really profit much because off of this(though I have donated some of these pieces to Occupy Houston for free) as most of the money goes into making the shirt with my artwork on it, but I am somewhat proud of these pieces I have done while being inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement. here is my latest and best. I don’t know if I will be able to top this iconic image which kind of sucks, but I think that’s a good accomplishment.…

Here is one dedicated to all the brave women who got maced so the corporate owned media would finally cover #OWS with a reminder to police officers everywhere in the reflection.…

Here is a 3D image I made representing the 99% of us marching through the 1% who own everything including all the tall buildings they represent:…

And my first #OWS piece that started it all:…

So now if you want, you can wear your protest literally on your sleeve. A sign illustrated by yours truly. I do need the business and exposure so if you go to any local Occupy event as I have and donated a piece from this collection.

Thank you for reading and for putting up with this post as I am trying to get these images spread to as many venues as I can in order to spread the word and support OWS with protest art whihc has always been a big part of protests in our history.


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