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House to affirm national motto: E pluribus Fuck U-num

In the midst of chronically high unemployment, multiple endless and unwinnable resource wars abroad, a massive financial crime wave sweeping the nation, endemic abuses of civil liberties, worldwide debt deflation, over-population, peak oil, and global environmental collapse, the US House of Representatives will affirm the 1956 law designating our national motto as, “In God We Trust.”

Sponsor Rep. Randy Forbes (R-Vagina) stated that, “This confirmation of pre-existing law will corroborate and sustain our endorsement of (a) the one law already on the books that we pretend to give a shit about, (b) our faith in God to fill the void left by our incompetence, ignorance, and papier mache gestures and emotional inducements covering a complete lack of rectitude, and (c) not only our abdication of legislative responsibility, but our utterly pointless if not harmful political demagoguery in legislative acts explicitly prohibited by the US Constitution.  Someone has to fend for God, dad gummit!”

Next week, the House will take up legislation to make it illegal to wiggle while dancing or to sink the Hawaiian islands.  Also, no throwing Mardi Gras beads from third story balconies, because “you can’t get a good look at their titties down on Bourbon St. from way up there.”  

UK lawsuit to expose CIA role in “ghost flights”

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    We are about to learn exactly what was going on and where under the Bush/Cheney “Extra-ordinary” rendition program.

    Lawyers for Binyam Mohamed, who spent some seven years in US custody, five of them at Guantanamo, say that Jeppesen UK, a subsidiary of Boeing, has agreed to the presentation of evidence about the “ghost flights” it allegedly operated for the CIA – off-the-grid private jets that transferred terrorist suspects to sites where they would be tortured.


   Binyam Mohamed, if you recall, had his genitals mutilated by either the CIA or one of the host countries where he was tortured.

   Mutilating genitals.

    What could possibly justify genital mutilation, or even the torture program itself? It’s not like the Bush/Cheney Administration was above bald faced lying to us. In my opinion they did it because they can.

    The Object of Torture IS Torture.

    The Object of Power IS Power.

Children tortured before parents, raped, all covered up by Bush/Cheney and our media

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    Perhaps the worst incident at Abu Ghraib involved a girl aged 12 or 13 who screamed for help to her brother in an upper cell while stripped naked and beaten. Iraqi journalist Suhaib Badr-Addin al-Baz, who heard the girl’s screams, also witnessed an ill 15-year-old who was forced to run up and down with two heavy cans of water and beaten whenever he stopped. When he finally collapsed, guards stripped and poured cold water on him. Finally, a hooded man was brought in. When unhooded, the boy realized that the man was his father, who doubtless was being intimidated into confessing something upon sight of his brutalized son.



    Empathy is what keeps men from becoming MONSTERS.

We’re safe! We’re safe!

Thanks to the goddamn motherfucking Congress of the United States of America, I feel like one of the safest fucking people in the world right now.  And thanks to that motherfucker George W. Bush as well.  I’m going to go take a safe fucking walk around my neighborhood in celebration of just how goddamn safe from terrorists I feel after today’s vote.  I don’t need not stinking laws, I have those Congressional shitheads and that asswipe W to look after me.

I usually avoid swearing on line, but words are failing me in attempting to express just how fucking angry grateful I feel.


I haven’t put together a video to song in awhile, than I came across “Lock Them Up”

The song in video is by ‘Nam Veteran Pat Scanlon brother member of Vietnam Veterans Against The War and Veterans For Peace.