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“anti-American Cleric Al Sadr”, like “Joe the Plumber”

is none of the above.

By now we’ve all heard that McCain’s “Joe the Plumber”:

  • isn’t a licensed plumber
  • won’t pay more under Obama’s tax plan
  • his business doesn’t earn close to $250K/year
  • isn’t even named Joe

It reminded me of something, but I couldn’t put my finger on it till this morning when 30,000 demonstrated in Baghdad against the US occupation, with the encouragement of the man inevitably described in US media as “anti-American cleric Moqtada Al Sadr“.  So this might be the perfect time to point out that Al Sadr:

  • is not anti-American
  • is not a cleric
  • is strongly pro-democracy
  • led the unilateral cease fire that’s made Iraq more peaceful, saving American lives

In short, the only thing our press has been reporting correctly are his popularity and his name.

We’re safe! We’re safe!

Thanks to the goddamn motherfucking Congress of the United States of America, I feel like one of the safest fucking people in the world right now.  And thanks to that motherfucker George W. Bush as well.  I’m going to go take a safe fucking walk around my neighborhood in celebration of just how goddamn safe from terrorists I feel after today’s vote.  I don’t need not stinking laws, I have those Congressional shitheads and that asswipe W to look after me.

I usually avoid swearing on line, but words are failing me in attempting to express just how fucking angry grateful I feel.