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Harry Chapin, and life…

well, health problems still exits, for those who know me.

I now have a broken heart. The woman I was married to waited until we were in Colombia to demand a divorce, as we were in her mother’s house. My son’s name is harry, he turned six last week.

I feel… empty.

Harry was named in part for my father and grandfather, but also for Harry Chapin.

Let me offer this, and also say that I really need comments.

anywhere’s a better place to be.


And peace.

XXX update: for those who asked, privately, the tickr gives me problems. One major heart attack, and about 17 ‘infarctions.’ Not the same as a broken heart.  

Sorry for my absence

folks, I have been out of here for some months. We are still moving to South America, This month I hope, but we’ve been fighting health issues, tax issues, and, of course money issues. More below the fold…

They’re gonna pay me MONEY!

so… as I have said, the jeffinalabama family is moving to south america… have,t said that, but we are.

Apparently, I might be asked to cross picket lines.

My answer to this below the fold.

Saying goodbye to the USA

No, this isn’t a goodbye diary, although the past month in exile from the computer has seemed so. It looks like I’ll be moving to Mrsalabama’s home soon, because of continued difficulties here in respect to my employment, and the fact that Mrs.alabama… well, I guess I married well, although we didn’t marry for that reason. I didn’t know she was that well off until she came to live with me and decried my condition!

So, I’m looking seriously to become a FA…a foregn american. I must admit to some attude about, at a minimum, my current employment, and my chances for a job of equal pay– much less better pay.

More below the fold…

Cooking with Jeffinalabama Volume 1.1… creation

A quick attempt to talk about non-recipe cooking.

I love non-recipe cooking. Creating something from nothing.

However, we rarely, if ever, create ‘something from nothing.’

Usually, theres some basis– either italian, chinese, haut, southerm, or otherwise,

today i was playing, results to follow.

cooking with Jeffinalabama, vol 1.0 Seafood Gumbo

Well, here’s a beginning, based on an off-hand request last night… cooking with me!

I’m not a master chef, but I have cooked in restaurants before, including a 2-star restaurant, at least for a short time.

However, I do love to cook, and to eat! And in this chilly time of the year– it’s about 25 here in alabama tonight, which to me is cold… I like stews, soups, and gumbos.

Come with me below the fold, and let’s talk about them!

Trying to expain Dylan to a foreigner

What, precice

Dan Fogelberg, Rest in Peace

It was announced today that my friend, the fabulous songwriter, Dan Fogelberg, died from advanced prostate cancer.

He will be missed.

happy(ha!) day, folks (with Van Halen)

I’vew been busy… so exuce me for not posting for a while.

Well, today is a day for family. I found out what that means, precisely… at least on the red-headed stepchild side.

No food– NONE– for me, nor for my four year old. my wife got dessert…

so, the cold shoulder.

We should be used to it. We crave peace, we crave understanding.  

Army for Iraq, Marines for Afghanistan

So– the latest plan being argued is to make Afghanistan a Marine mission while the Army takes full responsibility for Iraq. This makes sense. More below the fold.