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DKOS lack of self perception and the GREAT CONE

DKOS is getting increasingly Kafkaesque and more than a little embarrassing to itself. None of the following can even be mentioned there in an adult discussion.  They would be instantly censored by what is clearly a small, organized group who rec’up diaries and HR people to shape the content and the community on DKOS.

Hooray, I got myself banned from DKOS!

Not wanting to kneel to the hall monitors that patrol DKOS, I violated the rules for saying permanent goodbye on Sunday and wrote a tongue-in-cheek GBCW diary without the obligatory Tag! Naturally, the hyenas jumped on it right away but I outfoxed them by not reading a single comment! It took more than 24 hours but finally the rat bastard did the deed and I’m free, like a man, not a mouse, although I’m sure my UID will remain for advertising circulation purposes and also should I “come to my senses” and ask for forgiveness! Haha!For your entertainment, I quote the entire diary below. I hope it won’t offend anyone’s senses here ’cause even though I haven’t been here in four weeks either, I still love this site and wouldn’t want to offend.

              The Title was: UID 59079 Needs To Be Banned:


The Hammer Comes Down: the Truth Attacks DKOS

This is a diary touting a diary on DKOS called No One is Going to Save You Fools”. A big thank-you to thereisnospoon.

Some exerpts.

I’m what they call a Qualitative Research Consultant, or QRC for short.  Here’s my website.  There’s even a whole association of us who meet regularly to discuss ideas and tactics.  Together with the AAPC, the MRA, the AMA, ESOMAR, and a whole host of other organizations you’ve never heard of, we have more power and control than you know.  We’re extremely good at what we do, and we do it all behind the scenes, appealing to and manipulating your subconscious brain in ways that your conscious brain has little to no control over.