DKOS lack of self perception and the GREAT CONE

DKOS is getting increasingly Kafkaesque and more than a little embarrassing to itself. None of the following can even be mentioned there in an adult discussion.  They would be instantly censored by what is clearly a small, organized group who rec’up diaries and HR people to shape the content and the community on DKOS.

1. Anonymous user posts his grandchildren s drawing of oil booms, f-notes in every other word, claims to be an oil man and posts a lot of f-ing this and that, not a lot of real good information on oil booms in wind, rough water, offshore.  OK to post this but if you are going to be anonymous, don’t claim to be an expert. Just post your info. The comments got rec’d to the roof but were clearly a bit amateurish. But do not point this out or HR death.

2. Next a guy posts a “cone” for stopping the oil, a mile long cone of some magical material (diarist was not sure quite what).  It was laughable but it’s top of the list on DKOS and if  any mentions the pure internet wackiness of it, HR censorship.

3. This morning was the topper, one of the key players in the HR gang post that he has been diagnosed with dementia, suffers from paranoia and other symptoms but if you mention that, ya know maybe this is should not be someone who should be HR’ing, rec’ing and being part of an organized effort (which he is) to artificially shape opinion and control access on DKOS.

That the above silliness happens on web/DKOS is not the issue so much as DKOS being unable to discuss it or have any perspective on itself. It is very much like a religious order with increasingly arcane and unwritten rules.  “Obamabot” is a special word it turns out, the leader of the religious order notes that he will allow people to HR/censor people for using the word but it is not required that the faithful automatically shun/HR/censor but the abbot will sanction the behavior.  I think “Firedogger” was another mystery word with very special rules of use and censorship.

The place is literally going crazy. Like a person with violent paranoia, any discussion, humorously pointing out the cone is really, really silly vs. the seventh wonder of the world is met with anger and the equivalent of online violence.


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    • TMC on May 12, 2010 at 8:34 pm

    While there are quite a few people here and at Dkos that are saddened by the shift in the tone there and the continued lack of moderation, this essay has no purpose other than to vent your frustrations. We here at Docudharma do not wish to make this a place for that and have moved away from doing so.

    If you have something constructive to add to the discussions about the Gulf Catastrophe or any other subject, we’d be happy to have your input.

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