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Are We Sleepwalking?

As a nation, are we sleepwalking? Two large business organizations actually rule America: the Republican and the Democratic “political parties.” And political parties are no more mentioned in the constitution than corporations are; they are both man-made contrivances for power and profit. But at what point does the nation say it cannot trust these parties to rule any longer?

Consider the astounding malfeasance the nation tolerates and dismisses among its rulers: terrorists destroy the WTC and damage the Pentagon, a hurricane destroys a major city and the city is left for lost, the banking system fails so badly that the country is thrown into another major depression, and now an oil spill that is an environmental and human disaster. And in all these cases, the two parties have done nothing to protect the nation against these looming threats.

How can this continue to be tolerated? I hope that every incumbent in Washington today loses his seat in November; that is the only way this almost comatose people can ever hope to regain power: fire these malefactors.  

Hooray, I got myself banned from DKOS!

Not wanting to kneel to the hall monitors that patrol DKOS, I violated the rules for saying permanent goodbye on Sunday and wrote a tongue-in-cheek GBCW diary without the obligatory Tag! Naturally, the hyenas jumped on it right away but I outfoxed them by not reading a single comment! It took more than 24 hours but finally the rat bastard did the deed and I’m free, like a man, not a mouse, although I’m sure my UID will remain for advertising circulation purposes and also should I “come to my senses” and ask for forgiveness! Haha!For your entertainment, I quote the entire diary below. I hope it won’t offend anyone’s senses here ’cause even though I haven’t been here in four weeks either, I still love this site and wouldn’t want to offend.

              The Title was: UID 59079 Needs To Be Banned: