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Hooray, I got myself banned from DKOS!

Not wanting to kneel to the hall monitors that patrol DKOS, I violated the rules for saying permanent goodbye on Sunday and wrote a tongue-in-cheek GBCW diary without the obligatory Tag! Naturally, the hyenas jumped on it right away but I outfoxed them by not reading a single comment! It took more than 24 hours but finally the rat bastard did the deed and I’m free, like a man, not a mouse, although I’m sure my UID will remain for advertising circulation purposes and also should I “come to my senses” and ask for forgiveness! Haha!For your entertainment, I quote the entire diary below. I hope it won’t offend anyone’s senses here ’cause even though I haven’t been here in four weeks either, I still love this site and wouldn’t want to offend.

              The Title was: UID 59079 Needs To Be Banned: