Hooray, I got myself banned from DKOS!

Not wanting to kneel to the hall monitors that patrol DKOS, I violated the rules for saying permanent goodbye on Sunday and wrote a tongue-in-cheek GBCW diary without the obligatory Tag! Naturally, the hyenas jumped on it right away but I outfoxed them by not reading a single comment! It took more than 24 hours but finally the rat bastard did the deed and I’m free, like a man, not a mouse, although I’m sure my UID will remain for advertising circulation purposes and also should I “come to my senses” and ask for forgiveness! Haha!For your entertainment, I quote the entire diary below. I hope it won’t offend anyone’s senses here ’cause even though I haven’t been here in four weeks either, I still love this site and wouldn’t want to offend.

              The Title was: UID 59079 Needs To Be Banned:


“It’s been four weeks since HCR was passed and that’s the same lapse of time  since I last logged on to this site. For the first week of absence my reason was being on vacation but if I had been home I probably would not have logged on in any case.  So please keep in mind that like Rip Van Winkle I’ve missed the past four weeks of outraged harangues against the doings of Palin, Teabaggers, Hannity, O’Reilly, Limbaugh and all the other faux issue characters that keep attention distracted from the lack of doing anything by Democrats or the great man Obama himself.

When the year-long Kabuki Theater dance of “healthcare” came to its climax with the new marching mantra “The perfect is the enemy of the good” firmly entrenched in our “progressive” consciousness by the likes of Markos (all Hail,) his trashee Dennis Kucinich (this bill is a piece of shit but we need to save Obama,) and even Michael Moore (same deal, it’s all about saving Obama,) intuitively I knew I was finished with this delusion that the mission of electing Democrats made the slightest bit of difference. As Nader said, not a dime’s worth.

In fact, although I wouldn’t vote for a Republican myself, probably the best thing that could happen now would be the complete unseating of the Democrats in Congress. There would be more chance for progress in changing this failed system with degenerate Repugs in charge than with these phony placeholders from the current Democratic Party.

And yes that includes the entire Progressive Caucus whose pledges meant absolutely nothing when politics was on the line, that’s you Anthony Weiner, you too Grayson (emailing for $$$ everytime you threw red meat to the base) and you too Mr.Public Option Bernie (Socialist my ass) Sanders.

But enough of that crap, I can hear all you Kossack hall monitors sharpening up your pathetic recipes for pie right now, so let me tell you right off there isn’t any type of pie that I don’t love, so bring it on!

And while we’re at it let me add:

Lee Harvey Oswald worked for Naval Intelligence and the Kennedy Assassination was certainly an intelligence operation and coverup. 9/11 too. So the entire Bush cabinet sat around and prioritized attacking Iraq and just out of nowhere came three planes on a clear rush-hour prime tv morning. The Truman Show for America. Oh yeah, here’s another tin-foil hatter: how Barack Obama made himself President…haha! Right, he just came out of nowhere to be the 2004 Keynote Speaker at the Democratic convention and then onwards to President? How’s about Rham Emmanuel and his spin doctor buddy David Axelrod went to the powers to be in the MIC and pitched their alternative to Dubya, a man who could actually win a Nobel Peace Prize even before he was in office six months!

OK, finishing up here: since the election of Barack Obama and the complete control of Democrats there’s been no progress on torture prosecutions, nor redress on wiretapping, nor on habeas corpus, nor on the incomplete investigations of the Bush Justice Department, nor on unanswered subpoenas. No real financial reform, just sneaky recapitalizations of the banks by flunky Geithner…need I go on? This should be enough to be banned already, no? Please take a moment from counting your shekels Markos and do me the courtesy? I don’t write GBCW diaries, those, like most of the childish bull shit that goes on here, are pathetic!

Ciao folks, I’m off to independent-ville! and a big shout out to people with real integrity: Jane Hamsher and Ron Paul and every American who refuses from here on to pull the lever for either Dems or Repugs! Oh and Markos: your attack dog performance on MSNBC on Kucinich was in violation of Pastordan’s old FAQ on civil behavior, but here, you da man!! So in my wildest dreams I pray that in some bizarre way this piece of shit diary will not end up on the Rec list, cause the only list I’m looking to get on is Markos’ Shit List. So from one old Army vet to another, would you please do me the honor of banning me like a man? Thanks in advance!”


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    • Edger on April 20, 2010 at 19:36

  1. then they would have liked….

  2. Righteous rant! 🙂

    How many Hr’s did ya get?

  3. expressed your self in your suicide mission. I occasionally try but usually get recs instead of donuts. I don’t diary and it’s hard to get banned from comments as their are so many assholes to compete with. Do you feel free? It’s fun to just let your theories loose instead of hiding them, and allowing them to fester. Congratulations, the only step I have made to severing my addiction/obsession  is I took dk off the toolbar, it’s at least cutting me back. lol    

  4. loves to go witch/heretic hunting.

    Burn em at the stake.

    Oh, and congrats.

    • dkmich on April 21, 2010 at 01:23

    I, too, am disappointed and disillusioned about what I mistakenly thought was activism on behalf of people.   I was foolish.  I express my displeasure by not spending time or “clicking” on that website.  I do check the site meter and wonder about the lower numbers.   It does feel good to walk away.  

  5. I’m now going to move away from the keyboard before I do something “regrettable.”  Explainable, but regrettable.

    I read this essay and thoroughly enjoyed it.  And then I got a very bad idea.  I could top it.  That was egotistic.  Must’ve been the vegetable speaking.  And then I said, “Nah, why bother to write something.  That’s hard work and requires probity.”  And then I thought– and this is where the trouble really started– “Well, hell, why don’t I just copy the whole damn thing and re-run it as your diary with a credit to the author.  I bet I’d get more than 13 HR’s and get banned too.”

    And so, I am now slowly backing away from this keyboard.  If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, and you’re thinking this might be a fun idea, a good idea, you should probably do nothing until your probity is restored.  By time.

    420 was great, wasn’t it?  

  6. the democrats— usurpers– next move.  Whatever it is, with this going on as a major media distraction, it’s sure to be big.

    GOLDMAN SACHS, the world’s biggest investment bank that is now assailed by accusations of fraud, is poised to reignite controversy over bankers’ bonuses by paying its staff more than £3.5 billion for just three months’ work.

    • on April 21, 2010 at 09:46

    If you don’t like Daily Kos that’s fine you don’t like Daily Kos. That said I have become supremely tired of all the immature bashing, ranting and raving. So you don’t like it there fine how about keeping it to yourself. This blog is not the Daily Kos Basher.  

  7. and achieve it. That’s fine.

    I simply walked away instead, no need to burn bridges, I have no desire to be a “trusted user” anymore. I wish I could get my lifetime subscription back, or at least a pro-rated amount of it back. I feel a little foolish admitting I paid not to see the advertising, at the time I fully intended to be part of that community for a very long time.

    I was politically apathetic when the Supremes selected GWB to squat in the White House ignoring the will of the people for ideological reasons and that December 2000 “vote” ignited in me a purpose.

    Now that the work of removing that majority is complete, I feel the wind out of my sails, and my free time has been re-prioritized. I’m finding it hard to give a shit anymore, since it apparently doesn’t really matter whether you vote “D” or “R”, they’re all beholden to the donors, not the voters.

  8. I can foresee at some point, hopefully soon, DailyKos will find its soul.

    • rossl on April 22, 2010 at 04:01

    And it’s a perfect song for this diary.  It’s just one big FUUUUUCKKK YOOUUU to the self appointed thought police.  There are some people there who love playing the role that Noam Chomsky so incredibly clarified of those who “manufacture consent” – they keep discourse within acceptable limits, they use the discourse for a specific purpose rather than just the general benefit of the people participating, and within those narrow limits they have VIGOROUS debate.

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