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Just Looking

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I have a few pleasant photography stories to tell from a week ago. Between the autumn color and the desperation of one last warm weather week, it was a good week for a photo buff. Now don’t go busting my bubble by just looking at the photos because you can learn a lot from a photographer. We see things.

Below you will find a Third Rock from the Sun brief encounter during an evening walk in the Village. I have several memories from a lecture I attended on photojournalism. There is a pleasant Veterans Day walk under the George Washington Bridge on the New Jersey side followed by a sunset from the New York side. Then a Friday afternoon walk in Central Park with some music videos I made and all day Saturday there too. There is even a little taste of Florence, Italy.  

Sunset Week in Review

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Good evening and happy Sunday to you. Working too much I’ve missed most of the news this week. I do have a logical rant over something I did hear. I would guess that most NPR listeners vote Democrat and well that’s good for the Party. I would also guess that defending NPR against right wingers would be like shooting fish in a barrel. If I was in the Democratic leadership I would have had some fun comparing the transcripts of NPR with the crap Americans hear on talk radio. Comparing the support for public broadcasting with other industrialized nations I would love to have heard some Democrat say “Hey wait, didn’t the Republicans already defund NPR in the name of Rush Limbaugh?”

But then this diary is not about politics. This is a little celestial seasonings and some pleasant views to start your week. I wasn’t home for too many sunsets this week but I still have some good views to share.

Before the views I have a question. Is there any fun left in politics?    

Mother’s Day Sunset

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There was no sunset tonight in New York. Well the sun set but it could not be seen around here. The photo below is 7:59 PM, sundown this time of year. At least the green of the Palisades can be seen for a change.

There was still some views worth recording. I don’t know if others will enjoy tonight’s view but I really like seeing the cloud formations change at the end of the day.  

Change is good, so my usual start to finish is below the fold.  

Saturday Sundown

Tonight’s Sunset Open Thread

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What a sunset tonight, a real visual treat.

Don’t worry, there are far better views below the fold.    

Tonight’s Sunset Open Thread

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Today was a very beautiful day in New York City. After a late night I never got out of the apartment and spent the day enjoying beautiful cloud formations and a strong cold breeze. The sky cleared in the late afternoon but the clouds came back for sunset.

The view tonight seemed like a few sunsets, so there are many photos below the fold. I hope you enjoy the show.

Photos of Tonight’s Sunset

There was a very nice warm sunset tonight in the Bronx.

If you would like to see sixteen more in order of appearance, then enjoy the view below the fold.  

Tonight’s Sunset Open Thread

There were some good views tonight.

Look below if you would like to see fifteen more in five stages from tonight’s Bronx sunset.  

Earth Day Sunrise and Sunset

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I wonder how you feel on this Earth Day. I wonder what you are doing to make everyday Earth Day. I woke up this morning, insignificant speck that I am in a corporate world and considered my own actions.

I watched the sunrise and remembered this day forty years ago with the words I heard this week about Ronald Reagan ringing in my ears “We’ve lost thirty years.”

Because of watching Earth Days on PBS I remembered that on that first Earth Day I went downtown to see a closed Fifth Ave. That Mayor Lindsay closed the street to honor Earth Day and everyone saw a bright a shining future ahead.  

Tonight’s Sunset Open Thread

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Tonight’s was a very pleasing sunset. I posted last night’s sunset here and today was the opposite of yesterday’s. Yesterday was clear and sunny all day with just enough clouds rolling in to add a little mood to sundown. Today was milky and dull until the very late afternoon and the sky cleared as the sun went down.

I get a little excited when the sun is bright but not to bright for digital photos. It is also coming to the time of year that the sunsets directly into my window. That is when the reflections on the water are most dramatic.

So if you can use a soothing visual, then below the fold is how the sun setting over the Hudson in the Bronx looked tonight.    

Tonight’s Sunset Open Thread

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Hello on this wonderful New York Monday. The sky was clear, sunny and warm most of the day but in the late afternoon a few clouds rolled in to offer up a little drama.

Below the fold I will attempt to kibitz through tonight’s Bronx sunset.

Easter Sunset Open Thread

Hello and I hope everyone had a happy Easter. I did a sunset on the fly today and I thought you might like to see. But first this view of the Cloisters from the “A” train at Dykeman Street.

Below the fold, I think I captured a moving sunset.