Mother’s Day Sunset

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There was no sunset tonight in New York. Well the sun set but it could not be seen around here. The photo below is 7:59 PM, sundown this time of year. At least the green of the Palisades can be seen for a change.

There was still some views worth recording. I don’t know if others will enjoy tonight’s view but I really like seeing the cloud formations change at the end of the day.  

Change is good, so my usual start to finish is below the fold.  

I came home to some promising streaks in the sky this afternoon.

The sun will show up!

Alright now that’s a bit much.

Calming down a bit on the brightness.

There that’s better.

Back to streaks.

It looks like the ships are going home but two are just parked for the evening.

A little more light on the water than in the sky.

And that fades too.

Keeping it green for Mother’s Day.

Just before sundown.

The last light of the day.

But look when the sky clears.

Perhaps a better tomorrow. Have a great week.


    • Eddie C on May 10, 2010 at 03:30

    Tomorrow, the first night the sun will set this year at 8 o’clock, the temperature is going all the way up to 59° with a clear sky.

    • TMC on May 10, 2010 at 05:53

    from both sides, up and down

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