Dark Mission

A must read account of NASA by Richard Hoagland.  It does what science is supposed to do ask a question then seek an answer.  But it also leads to an assumption of what if they already knew the answer.

I am only halfway through it.  Hard reading for the not technically inclined, maybe even too far fetched for those who are technically inclined yet it makes perfect sense.  Good reasons why we stopped moon missions.  Why technology from the space age “stopped”, or rather didn’t but rolled over into that top secret black ops you can’t handle the truth nonsense.

We can’t afford not to handle the truth.

Major points are supported by evidence.  Now it may not and probably won’t resonante as evidence to most “normal” people but hey I have already accepted as fact “my” government lies consistently and has since before I was born so my evidence standards are biased.  Does that sound like today’s doublespeak world?

Why did “they” kill JFK.  How was NASA formed, who are the major players.  Did you know we landed on the moon twice on Adolph Hitler’s birthday?  How many of the astronauts were 33 degree Scottish Rite Freemasons.  Did a very high technology race exist before the Egyptians, the mythological Atlantis?

A nine mile high anomalous tower on the moon?  Ancient glass domes on the moon, a castle miles above the lunar surface.  Structures on Mars that mirror the pyramids of Egypt.  Why the space program follows ancient Egyptian mythology, Horus, Osiris, Orion.  Sacred geometry 19.5 and 33 degrees, what does all that mean.  Certainly massive evidence from multiple sources claims repeated events of scientific evidence being photoshoped, airbrushed or just plain disappeared, replaced with a black box, just like a FOIA request.

Why?  Well think about it.  The explorer from this modern day world finds a primitive hunter gatherer isolated tribe deep in the Amazon jungle.  He then returns, reports and then the missionary figures step in to “help”.  The original tribal system is destroyed and takes on progressively more of the modern missionary host characteristics.

Plus the implications of proof positive questioning the very origins of humans, what happens to religion.  True that time period of the 1950s when the Brookings Institute slapped a lid on everything religion was far more prevalent than it is today.

I am left with the pristeen image of NASA, that quote “The Right Stuff”.

That has turned into, Oh, my friggin God, WTF, You gotta be shitting me.


  1. What is the speed of dark.

  2. http://www.enterprisemission.com (Hoagland’s Website).  It’s more fun than five cows locked in the same stall!  Particular fun is “Moon with a View” about Iapetus, a moon of Saturn that has a equatorial ridge running around virtually the entire moon (it was either split perfectly in half and slammed back together, or it’s artificial).


    Lots of good stuff there.

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