How About Those Zeta-Reticulans

In searching for any semblance of hope and change on the tubes nothing looks more promising than the keyword exopolitics.  Exopolitics is not even an offical dictionary word yet but it is a very real global movement.  Same as 911 truth.  Most of it starts back in 1947, stemming from the crash of a UFO in Roswell New Mexico.  The powers that be decided we could not handle the truth but today things are changing.

What does it mean?  Everything.

Ending the supression of technologies.  Think about that one.  Ending the supression of technologies, plural there.  What technologies?

The creation of cheap abundant, not tied to a centralized controlling power grid.  Hey, you just can’t allow people to be not dependent on others for the basic needs of life.  You gotta make them pay other people!


This group has the energy device research.  What did we miss since the 1900s.  We have better instruments,materials and techniques today so why not have another look at how we can generate power.…

I know it’s like buying a ticket to the multi-state lottery.  An exercise in futility, but like wow, imagine if you did, win.  Everybody would win.

How about the simple Werner VonBraun orbital anomalies?


Ha, and what else did they NOT tell us?


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  1. Top that one.

    • Edger on December 12, 2009 at 18:39

    that alien politicians are any less full of shit than earth politicians? If they exist, and they have wondrous technologies to supply us with, they’ve either been suppressing them for eons, or they have less power than earth politicians.

    Or are they godly altruistic all powerful benevolent beings who will come down out of the sky someday and save us if only we would have enough faith to believe? If so, the story sounds vaguely familiar…

    • Joy B. on December 13, 2009 at 18:21

    some cool alien technology and revisiting Tesla’s mode of transmission (of energy simply pulled from the earth and plugging it into standing waves in the atmosphere), they’d just disguise it as “New Nukes!” and make it top secret. As usual. They’d never tell us where they got it, and they’d certainly never give it to anybody for free even if they got it for free.

    Though according to Tesla, we never needed it in the first place because the energy was free all along, didn’t have to burn shit. Of course, Tesla may have been an alien… ยง;o)

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