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America’s West Bank (Edited and New Info.)

Why is the title of this America’s West Bank? (BIA tribal authorities say (Pauline Whitesinger’s traditional earth lodge) is illegal because Pauline has never signed any kind of agreements with the Feds in regards to the 1974 relocation law)

Pauline: Plans and schedules were important and are made in advance. However, such disruption that we had earlier are unexpected and those kinds of events take away the time delegated for priorities and goals. But here, at Big Mountain, we live with a lot of threats from the police and guns of the United States. And unfortunately, we just saw that this morning and you yourself have seen it personally.

Relocation Law, what Relocation


Yes, “Pauline Whitesinger, was served a notice to halt “new” construction of an earth lodge commonly known as a Hogan” is current.

Clemons: McCain & Obama Coordinated on Personnel

Steve Clemons Reports McCain & Obama Camps Coordinated on Building Staff Rosters for Next Government:

“…A senior Obama campaign official shared with The Washington Note that In July 2008, the McCain and Obama camps began to work secretly behind the scenes to assemble large rosters of potential personnel for the administration that only one of the candidates would lead…”

At this point, the story is as Clemons termed it, “A Scoop”, so there hasn’t been verification of this by other sources at this time.

(There’s more):

What Americans Rejected This Week: The President as Warlord

We’ve heard a lot of speculation about what this year’s presidential election supposedly means. Were Americans simply voting for Barack Obama, a charismatic peacemaker with a worker-friendly tax plan? Or were they also voting against something, and if so, what? Republican incompetence? Neocon arrogance? The Iraq War? The economic meltdown? Negative campaigning?

After reading georgia10’s front-page story “22%” on Daily Kos — specifically, after looking at the New York Times maps she embedded — I think we can figure out what most Americans were voting against in a single glance, by seeing who embraced Obama and, more important, who rejected him.

Does this map look familiar? If you’ve read my Daily Kos diaries on David Hackett Fischer’s Albion’s Seed, it should.

Goddamn right, it’s a beautiful day….uh huh!

Posted a rant yesterday, about the little journey between the hills of hope and fear that many of us have been going through, even as all polls seem to suggest a clear cut Obama victory today. I didn’t mention one particular fear, though, because I’m not sure it had crystallized fully at the time I wrote that mess up. It’s a little darker than the thoughts I did mention, and even now I hesitate to mention it, because, in the light of day, it seems ridiculous.

But for a tiny bit there, yesterday, I wondered whether I might die in the night, before I had a chance to vote for Barack Obama for president.

The Man Who Calls The Elections For Fox News

    America’s Barack

It may be a little early, but I’m already getting ready to celebrate. But first, a short story about media cronyism.

Tomorrow is election day, children. It is one of the most cherished privileges of being an American citizen, and one of the most solemn responsibilities as well.

Many people take great pleasure from having the ability to help to choose who will lead our great nation, and they believe that by voting they are playing an important role in that choice. However, most are unaware that sometimes this process is not as straight forward as one might think.

After millions of well intentioned consumers citizens have gone to the polls to cast their votes, our friends in the media spend many minutes, and millions of dollars, figuring out who really won the election. They add up numbers given to them from computers and pollsters and other pundits, and when they are certain that they can make a reasonably close guess – BAM! – they announce it on television and America has a new president.

So where does this abundant and unregulated power reside?

What happens on election day?

This article is original to All Over the Board:

So, as I write this, tomorrow is the big day. The people of the US get to choose their next President. There’s a good quote on this over at Socialist Appeal (UK):

fear and worry honestly come by, and then….

Looking around, it appears that I’m not the only one trying to go through however many stages of grief there are in a very compressed time span. I got to trying to expound on the thinks inside my skull for myself, and ranted and raved for a few words, sprawling through tension and tenses, and various points of view, and thought, might as well share.

I feel better having spewed it out onto a microsoft word document, and I kinda like the way this movie ends….love to hear what you think, though, and what sorts of crazy thoughts are careening through your own skullspaces…

We Got ‘Em Right Where We Want ‘Em!

It’s gettin’ down to crunch time, America!  And I couldn’t be more pleased about the state of the Palin-McCain ticket as we head into these last few days.  As I proved conclusively earlier, polls show that we are in great position to win this election.  

I’ve been workin’ like the dickens to shore up this misperception that I don’t understand foreign policy too good.  Just the other day I was chattin’ with French President Nicolas Sarkozy about all kinds of things, like which countries we can see from our houses, unfair things the liberal media says about us, our shared love of hunting, the relative hotness of me and his wife . . . well, I’ll just let you listen for yourselves:

I was there . . .!! Obama Rally!

Learned yesterday morning that Obama was going to be in Highland, Indiana, last night, so I planned on going.  The rally was to begin at 7:30 p.m., at Wicker Memorial Park.

It was a beautiful, perfect evening!

Arriving, there was no allotted parking left, shopping mall across the street was packed and we were instructed by police to go to K-Mart  (nothing being said about it not being there anymore).  Kept driving until I saw more police, who told me where the lot was.  Parked and got on a shuttle bus (free) to go back to the Park.  Got off, walked to entrance, where police awaited, but, amazingly, no one’s purse or pockets were even searched.    Walked to the Park, where all of the standing room possible in front of the platform was filled to capacity.  Security everywhere.  Interestingly, the group in front of the platform were “gated” off behind them, then there was a goodly amount of space, then more “gating” and people behind that, myself included.

There’s more!

did i just hear what i just heard????????? holy shit.

ej and i are watching Dutch news at 8pm. and the video comes up of John McCain shouting to a crowd and i zero in when i hear::: I’M AN AMERICAN.”  that’s an exact quote. and then i think he said something like: i’m going to fight. don’t give up hope.

what the … what the … what the FUCK????????????????????????????

i mean i am stunned. even i am stunned. because at first, i heard it. and then i HEARD it. he’s an american. obama is not.

be ready on Nov. 5 is all i can say. maybe the progressives will become the new secessionists…

this just isn’t good.

anybody able to link this? because i’m still reeling………………

ps: the dutch love Obama!!!

October Surprises…….

Pepe Escobar Commentary: Al Gore campaigns for Obama in Florida; Bin Laden still not heard from

For months there has been relentless talk of an October surprise capable of swaying the US presidential election – just as the Osama bin Laden video “Message to the American people” released in late October 2004. Possible October surprises include former Secretary of State Colin Powell endorsing Senator Barack Obama and former vice-president Al Gore campaigning for Obama in Florida – the state that cost him the election in 2000. Meanwhile, al-Qaeda has vaguely endorsed Senator John McCain. But many – including top US government officials – are still waiting for an Osama bin Laden video.

Idiot Wind: WaPO Calls Out McSame

cross-posted from The Dream Antilles

The WaPo editorial for today calls out McSame for yet another “vile smear:

WITH THE presidential campaign clock ticking down, Sen. John McCain has suddenly discovered a new boogeyman to link to Sen. Barack Obama: a sometimes controversial but widely respected Middle East scholar named Rashid Khalidi. In the past couple of days, Mr. McCain and his running mate, Gov. Sarah Palin, have likened Mr. Khalidi, the director of a Middle East institute at Columbia University, to neo-Nazis; called him “a PLO spokesman”; and suggested that the Los Angeles Times is hiding something sinister by refusing to release a videotape of a 2003 dinner in honor of Mr. Khalidi at which Mr. Obama spoke. Mr. McCain even threw former Weatherman Bill Ayers into the mix, suggesting that the tape might reveal that Mr. Ayers — a terrorist-turned-professor who also has been an Obama acquaintance — was at the dinner.

For the record, Mr. Khalidi is an American born in New York who graduated from Yale a couple of years after George W. Bush. For much of his long academic career, he taught at the University of Chicago, where he and his wife became friends with Barack and Michelle Obama. In the early 1990s, he worked as an adviser to the Palestinian delegation at peace talks in Madrid and Washington sponsored by the first Bush administration. We don’t agree with a lot of what Mr. Khalidi has had to say about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict over the years, and Mr. Obama has made clear that he doesn’t, either. But to compare the professor to neo-Nazis — or even to Mr. Ayers — is a vile smear.

For his part, Mr. Khalidi, an academic of the first degree, squashes McSame like a bloated cockroach and even throws the clammering, allusion-hungry masses (that would be us) a bone:

Which reminds us: We did ask Mr. Khalidi whether he wanted to respond to the campaign charges against him. He answered, via e-mail, that “I will stick to my policy of letting this idiot wind blow over.” That’s good advice for anyone still listening to the McCain campaign’s increasingly reckless ad hominem attacks. Sadly, that wind is likely to keep blowing for four more days.

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